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The process of adding a context menu to a Windows form at design time and then adding menu items to it is similar to the corresponding process discussed already in this chapter in connection with the MenuStrip. You first add a ContextMenuStrip object to your form, and then you append to it ToolStripMenuItem objects. You add a context menu to a form via the following steps, which are similar to how you add a MenuStrip to the form: 1. View the form in designer view. 2. Double-click the ContextMenuStrip component in the Toolbox. As shown in Figure 11-12, this adds a ContextMenuStrip component to the component tray. 3. In the Properties window for that form or control, choose the ContextMenuStrip object (the default name may be ContextMenuStrip1) from the drop-down list for the form or control s ContextMenuStrip property. This associates the context menu with the form or a control on the form. You also can change this value dynamically through code when the program is running if the form has more than one context menu. Unlike with the main menu, you often will be adding a context menu to a control on the form, rather than the form itself. For example, in the Text Editor project later in this chapter, the context menu will belong to a TextBox control rather than the form.
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Figure 3-7 Wire to lug soldering joint
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Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are special diodes which have a plastic translucent body (usually clear, red, yellow, green or blue in color) and a small semiconductor element which emits light when the diode passes a small current. Unlike an incandescent lamp, an LED does not need to get hot to produce light. LEDs must always be forward biased to operate. Special LEDs can also produce infrared light.
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Sometimes it is impossible to pinpoint exactly why babies respond to signing at a different pace. All we can say is that they just do. Consider, for example, the experiences of Samantha and Robin. Both little girls were twelve months old when their parents began using the Baby Signs program. Extremely energetic, Samantha was already showing an interest in sharing things with those around her, a good indication of readiness. Sure enough, Samantha caught on within two weeks, surprising her mother by signing more at mealtime to ask for more cheese. From that point, there was no stopping her. Over the next two months she added more than twenty other signs and quite a few words. Given such an impressive vocabulary, Samantha was one of the most articulate fourteen-month-old children we had ever met! Robin s experience was different but equally successful. At twelve months, Robin was a cheerful little girl, content to play with toys but also ready to greet almost anyone with a broad smile and uplifted arms. Robin s mom began modeling signs at this point and was unusually enthusiastic and creative in finding opportunities to use them. But unlike Samantha, Robin took two months rather than two weeks before she produced her first sign. The occasion was at Thanksgiving dinner, and the motivation was the flower centerpiece on the table. As the family members gathered around the table and Robin was put into her booster seat, she spied the colorful flower arrangement. Without a moment s hesitation, she looked to her mom, wrinkled up her nose, and sniffed away,
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By their interconnection, u2 = y1 . Therefore, if we de ne the augmented state vector z = [x , v ] , then the state space model for z is z y2 = = [ F1 G2 H1 0 0 F2 z+ G1 0 u1 (3.24) (3.25)
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All of the text in the text object, including characters such as spaces, tabs, and returns. You can use this item when you need to return a range of contiguous characters in the text object. A paragraph of text as most of us understand it: All the text from the beginning of the document to the character that ends the first paragraph, from the character after the end of a paragraph to the character that ends the next paragraph, or from the character after the end of a paragraph to the end of the document. A character in the text. AppleScript uses Unicode characters, which means that even combining characters (such as ) count as one character. This is unremarkable, but in some encodings, combining characters count as two characters (the base character here, a and the combining mark). A word in the text. This seems straightforward, but you need to be careful with words because the setting in the Word Break pop-up menu on the Language tab of International Preferences can trip you up. For example, if Word Break is set to Standard, word 1 of "Steak:Fries" returns "Steak:Fries" because the separator between the words isn t a space. But if Word Break is set to English (United States, Computer), word 1 of "Steak:Fries" returns only "Steak"the Atkins version of the classic meal.
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Description See Table 4-5 for the detailed definition of these parameters. You use this parameter to determine whether the description of the characteristic is written in front of the hierarchy. You use this parameter to determine whether navigation or other interactions are possible in the Web application. See Table 4-9 for a discussion on data binding. You use this parameter to specify the expansion level of the filter selection. By default, the initial expansion depth specified for the query definition is used. You use this parameter to restrict the filter selection. You can only set filter values up to the drilldown level.
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TIP Alternatively, it may be easier to simply make copies of shortcuts that can be found in the All Programs menu.
The greater the distance to a pulsar, the more dispersion takes place, and the greater is the variation in the period as a function of wavelength. Knowing the extent to which dispersion occurs as a function of the wavelength, astronomers can calculate the distance to almost any pulsar because the pulse intervals are as regular as the output of an atomic clock. It is as if these objects were made-to-order distance-measurement devices.
SQL Statement
Example 1: The Wrong Way
(Do you see that the reduction from P = LONGEST PATH to Q = SHORTEST PATH follows this schema ) If the pre- and postprocessing procedures are ef ciently computable then this creates an ef cient algorithm for P out of any ef cient algorithm for Q! Reductions enhance the power of algorithms: Once we have an algorithm for problem Q (which could be shortest path, for example) we can use it to solve other problems. In fact, most of the computational tasks we study in this book are considered core computer science problems precisely because they arise in so many different applications, which is another way of saying that many problems reduce to them. This is especially true of linear programming.
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