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Figure 34-15. Transverse section through the midpons.
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Project 42 Flying Vampire Bat
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I, and perhaps you too, have been requested, when first visiting a website, to fill out a registration form. Such forms may use many specialized controls. I may type my name in a TextBox control. I also may choose my state or country from a list supplied by a ListBox control. The purposes of the TextBox and ListBox controls are identified by Label controls displaying Name and State or Country. When I am finished filling in the required information, I click a Button control often labeled Submit. Visual Basic 2005 supports many specialized controls. However, the TextBox, Label, ListBox, and Button controls are perhaps the most commonly used. The TextBox, Label, ListBox, Button, and other specialized controls cannot exist on their own. They must be contained, or hosted, in another specialized type of control, a container control. The form is the usual choice for a container control. Indeed, the form s primary purpose is to serve as a container or host for other controls. Adding controls to a form through code is no easy task. Fortunately, Visual Basic 2005 enables you to easily add available controls to a form through the Toolbox.
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Broker or Locator: One-Make Specialist
VIII. 3D Drawing and Modeling
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The BEx Query Designer is the solo tool in NW BI 7.0 that allows the creation and maintenance of query objects. The BI 7.0 version of the BEx Query Designer has been totally rewritten as a .NET Visual Basic application, complete with a redesigned user interface and numerous new features and capabilities. The act of opening a BW 3.x query with the new BEx Query Designer and then saving that query will migrate it from the old version to the new BI version. Again, once this has occurred, it is no longer accessible by the BW 3.x BEx Query Designer. Interestingly, it will still be visible in the list of queries using the 3.x frontend component but will not be available to execute via this frontend. Figure 8-2 shows the possible scenarios with both BW 3.x and BI versions of queries. Each version of the query can be opened, maintained, and saved using the respective version of the BEx Query Designer. During the process of migration, the object queries in this case will be saved with the same internal name but with a different version and possibly in a different table. Table RSZCOMPDIR contains a listing of query objects, their internal names, and their content release level. You can find this table by using one of the SExx transaction codes in the system and normally the SE16 is available to most users. On a more detailed level, if you have a value of 100 or more in the Version field for a query, this indicates that the query has been migrated to the NW BI 7.0 version. Checking the Version field is a very easy approach to track and manage the migration of the queries. Several SAP Notes are available that address the scenarios for backing up your
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No matter where you live, you will find caregivers working in hospitals, medical offices, homes, child- and senior-care facilities, or in organizations dedicated to helping the young, elderly, indigent, sick, mentally disturbed, and those suffering from substance abuse and other problems. As the population grows, and the number of seniors continues to increase, the need to provide elder care will become especially urgent. Those who live in rural areas may have to travel a distance to work. Unlike some fields, such as transportation, manufacturing, or tourism, where jobs are concentrated in definite places, opportunities for caregivers are found wherever people live. Because so much of this book is devoted to opportunities in the health field, projected employment growth information from the United States Department of Labor Web page is included here: Wage and salary employment in the health services industry is projected to increase more than 25 percent through 2010, compared with an average of 16 percent for all industries. . . . Employment growth is expected to account for 2.8 million new jobs 13 percent of all wage and salary jobs added to the economy over the 2000 2010 period. Projected rates of employment growth for the various segments of this industry range from 10 percent in hospitals, the largest and slowest growing industry segment, to 68 percent in the much smaller home health care services.
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