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Compression Options
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Figure 34-14. Transverse section through the lower pons.
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Fluffy s triggering mechanism must hold down the spring-loaded launch pad until the innocent bystander (victim) is standing in the correct place for a flying attack from the furry beast. The trigger can take the form of a simple hidden switch placed at the rear of the cage that the Evil Genius (you) can operate while the victim is busy peering into the cage at a safe distance or it can be a fully automatic light-activated trigger that responds only to a direct beam from a flashlight so you can work it from a distance. The light-activated system is much more fun because you can become part of the prank, creeping up on Fluffy as if you are actually afraid of what might be caught in the cage
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Although menu items usually are accessed by a mouse click, you also should enable the user to access menu items via the keyboard. Being able to access menu items via the keyboard instead of a mouse is an important convenience, as I have discovered on an airplane flight trying to use my laptop while wedged between two sumo-sized passengers. Indeed, for users with certain disabilities, the ability to access menu items via the keyboard instead of a mouse can be a necessity. An access key is one way of enabling the user to access menu items via the keyboard. An access key is the keyboard combination of the ALT key plus a letter in the menu item that is underlined. For example, the keyboard combination for the File menu item is ALT-F, with the F in File being underlined. To add an access key, in the menu item s Text property, simply type an ampersand (&) before the letter to be underlined. Figure 11-4 earlier in this chapter shows the result of typing &File as the Text property for the File menu item (the F in File is underlined).
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Exercise 5.7 In Example 4.2, the angle error model was (t) = bg (t) + (t). (5.109)
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Step-by-Step Technique
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Layout Tab The Layout tab (also called layout view) gives you a visual focus and enables you to specify the layout of the Web application (see the previous illustration). To do this, you use drag-and-drop operations to insert Web items from the pool of Web items into your Web template. In the lower section of the Layout tab, you can create data providers by double-clicking New Data Provider, which opens the dialog box for creating data providers. You can also create data providers in the Web Items screen area. The Web Template screen area is not an exact representation of the placement or spacing of the individual Web items when the Web application is executed. The parameters are defined in logical grouping of items that enables you to see the relationship of each Web item within the group to the other.
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Restriction enzymes are sequence-specific endonucleases that cut double-stranded DNA at specific sites.
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