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The members of Class Agnatha, sh-like creatures without (a-) jaws (gnath), were probably among the very rst vertebrates to appear on the Earth. 3 told us that the vertebrates rst appeared about 500 million years ago, during the Paleozoic or Ancient Life era. It was also during this era that the rst amphibians and reptiles evolved. Class Agnatha, now including about 60 species, mainly consists of the lampreys (LAM-prees) or rock-lickers ! Lampreys, of course, do not actually lick rocks! Rather, they are slender, eel-shaped vertebrates with a large, round mouth that attaches to sh and sucks out their body uids. Lampreys have gill slits, like a sh, but they are not generally considered a type of true sh, since they lack both a hinged jaw, as well as paired ns. (A sh in general is a vertebrate that lives in the water, has a body covered with scales, has a hinged jaw, breathes with use of gills, and has paired ns for swimming.) Due to their primitive characteristics, the modern lampreys probably resemble the rst jawless vertebrates in many ways.
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Prayer can take as many different forms and hold as many meanings are there are people. An intimate friendship, a frequent conversation with the Beloved, is how St. Teresa of vila defined prayer. Elevation of the mind to God is what prayer meant to St. John of Damascus. An Islamic proverb holds that to pray and to be a Muslim are synonymous. Obviously, this is highly personal ground. I submit to you, though, that self-discovery comes more easily when we acknowledge something that is bigger than ourselves something that transcends our own egos. The greatest gift my father gave me was the example of his faith. (I will have more to say about faith in 4, when we look at character and integrity.) His faith in God was his center, the source of his strength. He never wore it on his sleeve, and he never preached. A faith as strong as my father s doesn t need to be pushed on people; it was simply there, speaking for itself, making its point by its example. He refused the entreaties of journalists to allow them to photograph him praying in church. He suspected that such a picture would lend itself to abuse by a hostile editor, and he didn t want to cheapen his faith by appearing to be trading on it. But more to the point of this chapter, Lombardi s faith was a personal tool for discovery, challenge, and renewal.
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substrate of the vascular amnesic (Korsakoff) syndrome; this simulates infarction of the hippocampi from occlusion of the medial temporal branch of the posterior cerebral artery as noted below. Unilateral Cortical Syndromes Occlusion of branches to the temporal and occipital lobes gives rise to a homonymous hemianopia as a result of involvement of the primary visual receptive areas (calcarine or striate cortex) or of the converging geniculocalcarine bers. It may be incomplete and then involves the upper quadrants of the visual elds more than the lower ones (see Chap. 13). Macular or central vision may be spared because of collateralization of the occipital pole from distal branches of the middle (or anterior) cerebral arteries. There may be visual hallucinations in the blind parts of the visual elds (Cogan) or metamorphopsia and palinopsia (Brust and Behrens). Posterior cortical infarcts of the dominant hemisphere cause alexia (with or without agraphia), anomia (amnesic aphasia), a variety of visual agnosias, and rarely some degree of impaired memory. The anomias (dysnomias) are most severe for colors, but the naming of other visually presented material such as pictures, musical notes, mathematical symbols, and manipulable objects may also be impaired. The patient may treat objects as familiar that is, describe their functions and use them correctly but be unable to name them. Color dysnomia and amnesic aphasia are more often present in this syndrome than is alexia. The defect in retentive memory is of varying severity and may or may not improve with the passage of time. These syndromes are described in Chaps. 22 and 23. A complete proximal arterial occlusion leads to a syndrome that combines cortical and anterior-proximal syndromes in part or totally. The vascular lesion may be either an embolus or an atherosclerotic thrombus. Bilateral Cortical Syndromes These occur as a result of successive infarctions or from a single embolic or thrombotic occlusion of the upper basilar artery, especially if the posterior communicating arteries are unusually small. Bilateral lesions of the occipital lobes, if extensive, cause total cortical blindness, i.e., a bilateral homonymous hemianopia, sometimes accompanied by unformed visual hallucinations. The pupillary re exes are preserved, and the optic discs appear normal. Sometimes the patient is unaware of being blind and may deny it even when it is pointed out to him (Anton syndrome). More frequently the lesions are incomplete, and a sector of the visual elds, usually on one side, remains intact. When the intact remnant is small, vision may uctuate from moment to moment as the patient attempts to capture the image in the island of intact vision, in which case hysteria is incorrectly inferred. The Balint syndrome (page 406) is another effect of bilateral occipitoparietal border-zone lesions. In bilateral lesions con ned to the occipital poles, there may be a loss of central vision only (homonymous central scotomas). With more anteriorly placed lesions of the occipital pole, there may be homonymous paracentral scotomas, or the occipital poles may be spared, leaving the patient with only central vision. Horizontal or altitudinal eld defects are usually due to similar restricted lesions affecting the upper or lower banks of the calcarine sulci. With bilateral lesions that involve the inferomedial portions of the temporal lobes, the impairment of memory may be severe, causing the Korsakoff amnesic state. In several of our patients, a solely left-sided infarction of the inferomedial temporal lobe impaired retentive memory. These amnesic states and their accompaniments are fully described in Chaps. 21 and 22. Bilateral mesiotemporal-occipital lesions also cause a lack of recognition of
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'-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' Name : sonar-map.bas ' Compiler : PicBasic Pro - MicroEngineering Labs ' Notes : Room mapping using the sonar ranger and ' : incremental shaft encoder. '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' PortA set as outputs. Pin 1 input. trisa = %00000010 ' PortB set as outputs. pin 0 input.
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function to retrieve the list of students.
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25. Plotting and Printing
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Figure 2.11: De nition of i for i = 1, 2, 3 in eqn. (2.16). Because each element of R1 is the cosine of the angle between one of 2 the coordinate axes of 1 and one of the coordinate axes of 2 , the matrix R1 is referred to as a direction cosine matrix: 2 cos( 1 ) cos( 1 ) cos( 1 ) R1 = cos( 2 ) cos( 2 ) cos( 2 ) . (2.16) 2 cos( 3 ) cos( 3 ) cos( 3 ) Figure 2.11 depicts the angles i for i = 1, 2, 3 that de ne the rst column of R1 . The i and i angles are de ned similarly. When the relative 2 orientation of two reference frames is known, the direction cosine matrix R1 is unique and known. 2 Although the direction cosine matrix has nine elements, due to the three orthogonality constraints and the three normality constraints, there are only three degrees of freedom. Alternative parameterizations are discussed in Section 2.5 and Appendix D. Analogous to eqn. (2.13) v2 = I2 x2 + J2 y2 + K2 z2 where [v2 ]2 = [x2 , y2 , z2 ] and by eqn. (2.14) I1 1 [v2 ] = J1 v2 . K1
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Aborts the interpretation of the WMLScript bytecode and returns the control to the caller of the WMLScript interpreter with the value of errorDescription. This function can be used to perform an abnormal exit in cases where the execution of the WMLScript should be discontinued because of serious errors detected by the calling function. If the type of the errorDescription is invalid, the string invalid is used instead. Parameter Return Value errorDescription = string None (this function aborts the interpretation).
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