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Calculating Hours, Minutes, Days, and Weeks
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At first glance, this procedure seems valid, and it would probably run just fine in a production environment. Let s take a look at the first two examples with this procedure. They are semantically the same, though the second procedure uses the q quote mechanism.
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6. A clustered index is based on only one column.
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If a nonzero argument is used, the division would be implemented successfully as in >> errotLest(l0)
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9. In the C# code window find the line that begins with:
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and F(t), , and remain as de ned in eqn. (9.22). Assuming that m satellites are available and that measurements from the rst satellite are subtracted from all the others, the di erenced pseudorange and carrier phase measurements can be predicted from the navigation state as i i = = x x R( , pi ) + i R( , p1 ) + 1 (9.34)
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Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. 1. What is the most ef cient way to enter a single line of text What command should you use 2. What might be a bene t of using the MTEXT command 3. What is the purpose of the DTEXT Style option 4. Name at least six fonts provided by AutoCAD. 5. What command do you enter to create a new text style 6. Brie y describe how you would create a tall, thin text style. 7. Explain how to import text from a word processor into AutoCAD. Why might you choose to do this 8. What is the purpose of a title block 9. Explain the differences between the DTEXT command and the MTEXT command. Describe a situation in which each command would clearly be a better choice.
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Add 4.5 liters of water to weaken 9 liters of 45% solution to a 30% solution. How much pure acid and 30% acid solution should be mixed together to obtain 28 quarts of 40% acid solution
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If you decide to time the market with the VL4% VLAI strategy, you first must decide on either the daily or weekly approach. Based on the analysis presented in this chapter, I recommend using the daily VL4% VLAI strategy combined with the 20-dma (as just discussed). That assumes that you are able to check a chart which includes the 20-dma of the VLAI each day and can preferably make your trades the same day when a buy or sell signal is given or on the next day. If you prefer not to include the 20-dma with the daily VLAI VL4% strategy, then use daily VLAI alone, but remember the possibility of a period of poor results caused by market whipsaws as occurred in the year 2000. If you are the type of person who prefers a weekly approach, then use the VL4% VLAI weekly strategy. With that approach, you can calculate the VLAI percentage change from the previous high or low, as the case may be, once a week (on Friday evening or over the weekend), and then make your investment on Monday. If at all possible, try to make the investment on Friday, if you have access to the information, as that timing will produce better results than waiting until Monday. If you are using the weekly strategy for the first time and you are currently in cash, then look for a buy signal when the weekly price goes up by 4 percent from any previous weekly close. Alternatively, a sell signal is generated when the index closes down 4 percent from a prior high. At that point, you can go short or stay in cash, if that is your preference. Once a buy signal is given, you can go long the market with an index fund, an ETF (for example, a DIA or QQQ), or an investment vehicle of your choice, as previously discussed. When a sell signal occurs, then you go into cash or buy an inverse (bear) fund (for example, Rydex Ursa) or short an ETF, depending on your risk tolerance. Remember you cannot short an ETF in a retirement account, but you can buy a bear fund. You don t even need a PC to use either the daily or weekly VLAI VL4% strategy. The VLAI is published weekly in the Value Line Investment Survey, to which most libraries subscribe. In addi-
If Alice wants to transmit an important private message to Bob, it would be wise of her to scramble it with an encryption function, e : messages encoded messages . Of course, this function must be invertible for decoding to be possible and is therefore a bijection. Its inverse is the decryption function d( ). In the one-time pad, Alice and Bob meet beforehand and secretly choose a binary string r of the same length say, n bits as the important message x that Alice will later send. Alice s encryption function is then a bitwise exclusive-or, e r (x) = x r: each position in the encoded message is the exclusive-or of the corresponding positions in x and r. For instance, if r = 01110010, then the message 11110000 is scrambled thus: er (11110000) = 11110000 01110010 = 10000010. This function er is a bijection from n-bit strings to n-bit strings, as evidenced by the fact that 37
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