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Unlike some, DeMark has no qualms about his goal: using markettiming indicators to predict the market. There are times when we ve been so precise it will boggle your mind, he says. But there are also times when we are wrong. DeMark freely admits his life s ambition is to find the market s Holy Grail, which means the elusive but perfect indicator that can predict where the market will go next. We re looking for the Holy Grail, and eventually I m going to find it. We ve found some things that are very accurate, but it s about getting everything into a computer and making it automatic. DeMark s closing advice: While a trading strategy is critical, more important are trading discipline and money management skills. Without these two important elements, a trader is destined to failure.
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The name decrease-key is standard but is a little misleading: the priority queue typically does not itself change key values. What this procedure really does is to notify the queue that a certain key value has been decreased.
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1. The Money Show Digest (www.moneyshowdigest.com) by Steve Halpern,
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Allosteric activators bind specifically to the R state and pull more of the enzyme into the more active R state.
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Migrating to the Exadata Database Machine
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walk-routines.hex file listing (continued)
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Open Market Committee) cuts interest rates, as it has on over a dozen occasions in the past few years, sometimes the market rises and closes up for the day, and sometimes it falls and closes down for the day. In that respect the market is unpredictable and that confuses investors, as well as the so-called professionals, although they may not admit it. The market is a discounting mechanism and is always looking ahead, not backward in the rearview mirror. So news, whether good or bad, will impact the market in the short run. But in the long run, growth in corporate earnings and dividends, coupled with a sound economy with low interest rates and low inflation, is what will drive stock prices higher. Uncertainty caused by domestic and global political, economic, and social events will alter the market s course for days, weeks, or months, depending on the severity of the problem perceived. And when least expected by the vast majority of investors and professionals, the market will turn around and make a new bull run, with deceiving dips along the way to shake out the weak hands. And market bottoms usually occur when investor pessimism is at a low point, all the news is bad, and no one wants to own stocks anymore. Perception is what drives markets, not reality. Therefore, the market races ahead while investors are hoarding their cash.
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Many systems that evolve dynamically as a function of a continuous-time variable can be modeled e ectively by a set of n-th order ordinary di erential equations (ODE). When the applicable equations are linear, each n-th order di erential equation is represented as y (n) (t) + d1 (t)y (n 1) (t) + . . . + dn (t)y(t) = n1 (t)u(n 1) (t) + . . . + nn (t)u(t)
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The primarv objectiveof this chapteris to introduceyou to numericalmethods for integratinggiven firnctions.Specificobjectivesand topicscoverecl are ' . o providesa meansto create more Understanding how Richardson extrapolation a integral accurate estimate combiningtwo lessaccurate by estimates. providessuperiorintegralestimates Understanding how Gaussquadrature by picking optimal abscissas which to evaluatethe function. at q,-r.:d r-1uadl integrate Knowing how to useMATLAB's built-infunctions and to functions.
Example 4.17 An accelerometer output is known to be in error by an unknown slowly time-varying bias ba . Assume that the turn-on bias is
Buying July soybean 980 Call
200-and 50-day moving averages
Before removing a routing-group connector, you should disable it by setting the Connection Time property on the Delivery Options tab to Never Run. Then simply right-click on the connector in System Manager and select Delete from the shortcut menu.
ophthalmoparesis, and loss of vision may have more serious causes, including temporal (cranial) arteritis. Migraine following Head Injury A particularly troublesome migraine variant occurs in a child or adolescent who, after a trivial head injury, may lose sight, suffer severe headache, or be plunged into a state of confusion, with belligerent and irrational behavior that lasts for hours or several days before clearing. In yet another variant there is an abrupt onset of either one-sided paralysis or aphasia after virtually every minor head injury (we have seen this condition several times in college athletes) but without visual symptoms and little or no headache. Although a family history of migraine is frequent in such cases, there has been no hemiplegia in other family members. Migraine in Young Children This may present particular dif culties in diagnosis, since a young child s capacity for accurate description is limited. Instead of complaining of headache, the child appears limp and pale and complains of abdominal pain; vomiting is more frequent than in the adult and there may be slight fever. Recurrent attacks are referred to by pediatricians as the periodic syndrome. Another variant in the child is episodic vertigo and staggering (paroxysmal disequilibrium) followed by headache (see Watson and Steele). Also, there are the puzzling patients with bouts of fever or transient disturbances in mood (psychic equivalents) and abdominal pain (abdominal migraine), dubious entities at best. We have also seen several infants and young children who have had attacks of hemiplegia (without headache), rst on one side then the other, every few weeks. Recovery was complete, and arteriography in one child, after more than 70 attacks, was normal. The relationship of this condition to neurologic migraine remains uncertain. The only advantage of considering such attacks as migrainous is that it may protect some patients from unnecessary diagnostic procedures and surgical intervention; but, by the same token, it may delay appropriate investigation and treatment. Hemiplegic Migraine In a related disorder, known as hemiplegic migraine, an infant, child, or adult has episodes of unilateral paralysis that may long outlast the headache. Several families have been described in which this condition was inherited as an autosomal dominant trait ( familial hemiplegic migraine). Linkageanalysis studies of this disorder have localized the responsible gene to chromosome 19 in one-third of families (Joutel et al); in other families, the gene has localized to chromosome 1; in yet others, no linkage has been found. The gene on chromosome 19 codes for a voltage-gated calcium channel protein, which raises the provocative possibility that other forms of migraine are also due to an ion channel disorder. Instances of hemiplegic migraine may account for some of the inexplicable strokes in young women and older adults of both sexes. The situation is, however, more complex; Ducros and colleagues have found a variety of other neurologic features in these families, including peristent cerebellar ataxia and nystagmus in 20 percent; others had attacks of coma and hemiplegia, from which they recovered. Complicating the situation is the undoubted existence of sporadic migraine with transient hemiplegia that has no familial trait. Neurologic symptoms lasting more than an hour or so should prompt investigation for alternative causes of headache, but none may be found. Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attacks with Migraine (See also Chap. 34) Attacks of migraine, instead of beginning in childhood and recurring in stereotyped fashion every few weeks or months with diminishing frequency in middle and late adult years, may have their onset later in life or may suddenly increase in fre-
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Keloids are notoriously dif cult to treat given their high rate of recurrence. Nonablative lasers such as the PDL, although very useful in treating HS, have proven far less effective with keloids. While HS display an overproduction of vascular targets, the presence of keloids indicates the suppression of vascular targets. Ablative lasers such as CO2 often remove keloids successfully, but recurrence rates are unacceptably high. Both ablative and nonablative lasers have been used to varying degrees of success.
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