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3.1. Perform a depth- rst search on the following graph; whenever there s a choice of vertices, pick the one that is alphabetically rst. Classify each edge as a tree edge or back edge, and give the pre and post number of each vertex.
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516 PART 3
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26. Multiple Viewports
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Table 28-2. Selected values for graphing the functions y = 2x 2 3x 4 and y = 3x 2 5x + 11. Bold entries indicate real solutions.
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SAP NetWeaver 2004s Maintenance and Migration of Query Objects
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8. Practice creating polar arrays using other objects. At least once, specify less than 360 degrees for Angle to ll. 9. Save your work and exit AutoCAD.
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Adjusting the Permissions Level
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Say that you have a very important XML document, colors.xml (which lists the colors red, green, and blue), that you want to download. As with any XML document, colors.xml starts with an XML declaration (more on this in 6):
tell the application "Finder" open the startup disk end tell
Table 14-7 Details for Setting Line Spacing via AppleScript
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