Construction and Cost Estimation in Software

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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
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Anyone who will pay for it! Just kidding, though no buyers will be turned away. It is hardly news that publishers and authors want the largest possible audience for their books. Therefore, this section of the introduction usually tells you this book is for you whoever you may be and whatever you do. However, no programming book is for everyone. For example, if you exclusively create game programs using Java, this book may not be for you (though being a community college teacher I may be your next customer if you create a space beasts vs. community college administrators game). While this book is not for everyone, it may very well be for you. Many people need or want to learn Visual Basic, either as part of a degree program, job training, or even as a hobby. Unfortunately many books don t make learning Visual Basic any easier, throwing at you a veritable telephone book of complexity and jargon. By contrast, this book, as its title suggests, is designed to demystify Visual Basic. Therefore, it goes straight to the core concepts and explains them in logical order and in plain English.
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Goal of Encryption
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Text Styles and Fonts
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Precedence among Logical Operators
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and CD-ROMs, each of which offer different capacities and portability.
Getting the Goodies : Nutrition and the Digestive System
The Windows 9x installation is almost completely automated; typically, little input is required on your part. However, you must carry out a number of important preparation procedures, and you should be familiar with the installation options and how they will affect the outcome of the installation. It is important to note here that although the Windows 95 and Windows 98 installation procedures are very similar, the exercises contained within this section are specific to Windows 98. You might notice some slight screen differences if you use these procedures to install Windows 95.
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