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Figure 3-2. Corticospinal and corticobulbar tracts. The various lines indicate the trajectories of these pathways, from their origin in particular parts of the cerebral cortex to their nuclei of termination.
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warehouse contains very large data volumes, older data might not be undergoing updates. Where this situation exists, the Partitioning Option of the Oracle database can fulfill an important role in creating a more manageable backup scenario. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, data warehouses are often partitioned based on date ranges. A common backup strategy for any database is to provide ongoing backups frequently enough to capture critical updates that might have occurred that can affect business decisions. In a data warehouse, partitioning can separate data that is being updated from stagnant data. Older data that is nonchanging (read only) can be terabytes or tens of terabytes in size in such large-scale data warehouses and would not need to be backed up going forward if that data is held in separate partitions. For example, in Figure 7-5, if the August and September 2010 partitions contain nonchanging data, once they are backed up, no further backups are needed. In some organizations, old data might be restated on an ongoing basis because of how business occurs. In others, tactical near-real-time business management using the data warehouse means that nonavailability of the system will not be tolerated during a system failure and subsequent reload process. Such scenarios will force you to create a highly available backup system containing a duplicate copy of the data. Oracle Data Guard can be used to maintain consistency between a primary and secondary site. Reporting can take place from the secondary site even while updates are occurring. An alternative to the Data Guard approach used in some organizations is to fork ETL processes from source systems simultaneously to primary and secondary locations. Generally where either method is used, the standby or backup system is configured identically to the primary (e.g., the same Oracle Exadata Database Machine configuration is used for both sites) to assure the same levels of performance in solving queries if the primary system fails.
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When you test the application, you will see all of the different display elements as shown in Figure 6-18. In looking at Figure 6-18, you may conclude that the displays of Mark Antony and Red Label are identical. They look it, but Mark Antony is a string within an <h3> tag making it appear bolder and the approximate size of Red Label. Both are red, but the Mark Antony color and font (Arial) are controlled by the Panel property, while the Red Label color and font (Arial Black) are due to a CSS color designation. To see what happens when you change the Panel s Visible property from true to false, test the application and click the Hide button. Figure 6-19 shows the same page when the Panel s visibility is negated.
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JavaScript properties and methods Storing your data in variables and arrays Making decisions with the if statement Looping with the for and while loops Connecting JavaScript to HTML buttons
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/ PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. sam_sec_mgr@aos>-- simple test to add the table policy back sam_sec_mgr@aos>BEGIN sa_policy_admin.remove_table_policy( policy_name => 'CUSTOMER_POLICY' , schema_name => 'SH' , table_name => 'CUSTOMERS' , drop_column => FALSE ); END; / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
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The DesignCenter is a palette that allows you to browse, nd, and insert content, such as blocks and hatches. The Tool Palettes Window offers tabbed areas that provide an easy method of organizing, sharing, and placing blocks and hatches.
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What is Mail s smtp account type for At first sight, the smtp account type is enough to raise your eyebrows. As you probably know from setting up e-mail accounts or arguing with mail servers, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used only for sending messages, not for receiving them. Mail has the smtp account type to dissociate the outgoing mail from the incoming mail. While most ISPs give you a pair of mail servers an incoming mail server (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) and an outgoing mail server (SMTP) many ISPs prevent you from sending mail via that SMTP server unless your computer is logged in to your Internet account with that ISP. This measure, which is intended to cut down on the amount of spam being sent, is only a partial success, but it means that you may need to send mail using a different SMTP server.
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4. In response to Align section to, enter F for Front. A transparent plane, called a section plane indicator, appears and a full section of the pulley is created, as shown in Fig. 46-3. The SECTIONPLANE command automatically places the section plane at the center of all the 3D objects in the drawing area. This is why the section plane cuts through the exact center of the pulley. 5. Pick the section plane indicator. Notice that the section plane indicator has grips, as shown in Fig. 46-3. Using the grips, you can move, rotate, and stretch the section plane, as well as specify which half of the pulley is hidden. 6. Experiment with moving and selecting the section plane grips; then undo all the changes you have made until the section plane returns to the original plane, as shown in Fig. 46-3. 7. With the section plane indicator selected, right-cick to view the shortcut menu. 8. Pick the Live section settings... option to view the Section Settings dialog box. The Section Settings dialog box allows you to specify many settings for sectioning, including live sectioning (which provides realtime views while manipulating the grips) and the settings for the 2D or 3D sections you create. 9. Explore the settings in the Section Settings dialog box. Note that you can change the hatch pattern in a 2D or 3D section. 10. Pick Cancel to close the Section Settings dialog box. 11. Right-click to view the shortcut menu and select the Generate 2D/3D section option. 12. In the Generate Section/Elevation dialog box, select 2D Section/Elevation and pick the Create button. 13. Pick an insertion point to the left of the pulley and accept the default scale and rotation angle.
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Soldering station
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A Member Based Security Web Site
Chances are you ll often need to create documents in your scripts. Most scriptable applications let you manipulate their save commands via AppleScript, just as you did with TextEdit in 3. But with some other applications, you may need to save a document in different ways. For these cases, AppleScript provides the choose file name command, which you ll learn to use in this section. The choose file name command does what it says on the tin: It lets the user choose the name for a file, but it doesn t actually save the file. So you normally use the choose file name command to create a file reference that you pass to a variable, and then use the contents of the variable when you need to save the file.
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