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the notification message will be sent when the monitors watching Box16 go into warning or critical state. Specify the recipients (To) and alternate recipients (Cc) who will receive the notification and the email server that will generate the message (select Box14). You can leave the Subject field as is or specify a custom message subject. The bottom listbox uses replaceable variables to specify the contents of the notification message body (this cannot be edited). As an exercise, see if you can find a simple way of driving your CPU utilization to 100 percent for an extended period to trigger the monitor and then check the result. Click OK to create the new notification and view this notification in the Notifications container in System Manager. You can modify or delete the notification using the shortcut menu.
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Actor(s) Who is involved in the interaction, typically an end user or another system. Triggers Events that cause the use case to be initiated. Pre-conditions Conditions that must be met before the use case can be initiated. Scenario(s) Primary and alternatives paths through the use case. Business rules Formal or informal rules associated with an organization and its policies that govern either the pre-conditions, post-conditions, or detailed steps (scenarios) of the use case. Post-conditions Conditions that are true or state changes in the system once the use case is completed.
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Traditionally, neck-lift procedures have been recommended to achieve maximum tightening of the neck and overcome skin laxity. Current trends of smaller incisions and reduced morbidity and recovery times mean that successful neck rejuvenation depends upon
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However,multiplicationis not generallycommutative:
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1st Significant Figure 2nd Significant Figure Multiplier Tolerance 0.1 F 10% CSGNetwork.Com 6/4/92
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The damaging effects of hyperthermia, like those of anoxia, involve the brain diffusely. In the case of hyperthermia, however, the changes are disproportionately severe in the cerebellum. The acute manifestations of profound hyperthermia are coma and convulsions, frequently complicated by shock and renal failure. Patients who survive the initial stage of the illness frequently show signs of widespread cerebral affection, such as confusion and pseudobulbar and spastic paralysis. These abnormalities tend to resolve gradually, leaving the patient with a more or less pure disorder of cerebellar function. The most extensive account of the pathologic effects of hyperthermia is that of Malamud and colleagues. These authors studied 125 fatal cases of heat stroke, but their observations are prob-
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Permits the expiration date of a public folder to be modified Permits the quota of a public folder to be modified Permits the replication list for a public folder to be modified Permits the mail-send queue to be opened
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The Lang library contains a set of functions that are closely related to the WMLScript 1.1 language core.
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Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
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Tools of the Trade
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
This example has made the unrealistic assumption that the turn-on bias is exactly known so that a proper random walk model could be used. In a realistic situation where the initial bias is not perfectly known, a constant plus random walk error model would be identical to the equations shown above with Pb (0) speci ed to account for the variance in the initial bias estimate.
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