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Security patches are a fact of life in any enterprise computing environment. But if your operating systems are designed properly and your servers run only the services required to support their role, you can most likely limit your available security patch verification to a monthly review. Windows and Microsoft offer several tools and techniques to perform this activity. Microsoft offers email notification for security bulletins. You can register for this and other Microsoft newsletters at register.microsoft.com/regsys/ pic.asp. You will require a Microsoft Passport to do so. If you don t have one, follow the instructions on the site to get one. If you don t want to use a Passport, use the link http://register.microsoft.com/subscription/ subscribeme.asp ID=135 to sign up. There is also a hot fix and security bulletin that provides useful information. It can be found at hot fix and security bulletin search: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/current.asp. Microsoft isn t the only organization to send out security bulletins. An excellent source for this type of information is the SANS Institute. You can subscribe to SANS newsletters at www.sans.org/newsletters. Another useful source on heterogeneous technologies is the CERT Coordination Center (Cert/CC), which can be found at http:// www.cert.org/.
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adults, hypotonia is a feature of many of the myopathies and neuropathies, all of which reduce the number of contracting motor units. The nding of generalized excessive tone, apart from that observed as a consequence of extrapyramidal rigidity, is rare in infants. A purely myopathic form of hypertonia is dif cult to substantiate (the exception being hypocalcemic tetany). Various types of disease may lead to brous contracture and arthrogryposis, as stated earlier. An axial myopathy is the basis of the rigid spine syndrome, as mentioned earlier. For the most part, the muscle stiffness syndromes are due to continuous overactivity of motor units, the extreme forms being the stiff-man and the Isaacs syndromes and several related conditions (Chap. 55).
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pre-existent subarachnoid hemorrhage. To distinguish between these two types of bloody tap, two or three serial samples of uid should be taken at the time of the LP. With a traumatic tap, there is usually a decreasing number of RBC in the second and third tubes. Also with a traumatic tap, the CSF pressure is usually normal, and if a large amount of blood is mixed with the uid, it will clot or form brinous webs. These are not seen with pre-existent hemorrhage because the blood has been greatly diluted with CSF and de brinated. With subarachnoid hemorrhage, the RBC begin to hemolyze within a few hours, imparting a pink-red discoloration (erythrochromia) to the supernatant uid; allowed to stand for a day or more, the uid becomes yellow-brown (xanthocromia). Prompt centrifugation of bloody uid from a traumatic tap will yield a colorless supernatant; only with large amounts of blood (RBC over 100,000/mm3) will the supernatant uid be faintly xanthochromic due to contamination with serum bilirubin and lipochromes. The uid from a traumatic tap should contain one or two white blood cells (WBCs) per 1000 RBC assuming that the hematocrit is normal, but in reality this ratio varies widely. With subarachnoid hemorrhage, the proportion of WBC rises as RBC hemolyze, sometimes reaching a level of several hundred per cubic millimeter; but the vagaries of this reaction are such that it, too, cannot be relied upon to distinguish traumatic from pre-existent bleeding. The same can be said for crenation of RBC, which occurs in both types of bleeding. The reason that red corpuscles undergo rapid hemolysis in the CSF is not clear. It is surely not due to osmotic differences, insofar as the osmolarity of plasma and CSF is essentially the same. Fishman suggests that the low protein content of CSF disequilibrates the red cell membrane in some way. The explanation for the rapid phagocytosis of RBC in the CSF, which begins within 48 h, is also obscure. The pigments that discolor the CSF following subarachnoid hemorrhage are oxyhemoglobin, bilirubin, and methemoglobin; in pure form, these pigments are colored red (orange to orange-yellow with dilution), canary yellow, and brown, respectively. Mixtures of these pigments produce combinations of these colors. Oxyhemoglobin appears rst, within several hours of the hemorrhage, becomes maximal in about 36 h, and diminishes over a 7- to 9-day period. Bilirubin begins to appear in 2 to 3 days and increases in amount as the oxyhemoglobin decreases. Following a single brisk bleed, bilirubin persists in the CSF for 2 to 3 weeks, the duration varying with the number of RBC that were present originally. Methemoglobin appears when blood is loculated or encysted and isolated from the ow of CSF. Spectrophotometric techniques can be used to distinguish the various hemoglobin breakdown products and thus determine the approximate time of bleeding. Not all xanthochromia of the CSF is due to hemolysis of RBC. With severe jaundice, bilirubin of both the direct- and indirectreacting types will diffuse into the CSF. The quantity of bilirubin is from one-tenth to one-hundredth that in the serum. Elevation of CSF protein from whatever cause results in a faint opacity and xanthochromia, more or less in proportion to the albumin-bound fraction of bilirubin. Only at levels of more than 150 mg/100 mL does the coloration due to protein become visible to the naked eye. Hypercarotenemia and hemoglobinemia (through hemoglobin breakdown products, particularly oxyhemoglobin) also impart a yellow tint to the CSF, as do blood clots in the subdural or epidural space of the cranium or spinal column. Myoglobin does not enter
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Figure 18-1 Cartesian three-space. The x axis increases positively
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You should understand the following six points about market timing: 1. Market timing has nothing to do with forecasting the market s future direction. Samuel Goldwyn once said, Never make forecasts, especially about the future. What you are trying to accomplish with market-timing is to equal or exceed the buy-and-hold strategy s returns with less risk, while protecting your principal from erosion, above all else. Just because you received a market-timing buy or sell signal does not mean that the market will continue in that direction for an extended period of time. Nor does it mean that the signal will be a successful one all of the time. Market timing has to do with putting the odds in your favor over multiple bull and bear market cycles. Overall you will have satisfactory or better results without having to guess where the market is going. Your signals will tell you when to buy and when to sell. That s all you need to know. Don t listen to investment gurus, the vast majority of whom have been completely wrong in their calls on the market. Just look at the December 30, 2002 Barron s article. Ten well-known
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