right-click on the My Computer icon to select Manage from the context menu. But while this is a good general-purpose console, it is not an all-encompassing tool. Thus, one of the ad hoc administrative activities you need to perform is the creation of a Global Management Console that will include all the snap-ins you require in a single MMC. In addition to all the features of the Computer Management console, this console should include the following snap-ins: .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration The three Active Directory snap-ins Authorization Manager Certification Authority (you must specify the server to manage) Component Services Distributed File System Group Policy Management (requires GPMC installation) Performance Logs and Alerts Remote Desktops Resultant Set of Policy Security Configuration and Analysis Security Templates Wireless Monitor To create this console: 1. Use Start | Run to execute the following command: mmc /a %SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc 2. This launches the Computer Management console in editing mode. Begin by using File | Save As to save the console as Global MMC.msc under the C:\Toolkit folder. 3. Then use File | Add/Remove Snap-in to open the dialog box, make sure you choose Computer
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Working with form tag and attributes Reviewing HTML user input: Text, Submit Radio, and Checkbox More form formats: Textarea, Select, Option What s in a name attribute: HTML names and variable names
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AppleScript: A Beginner s Guide
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The Domain Name System (DNS) setting provides the address of a server that translates from the names used in Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to IP addresses. This setting allows users to access Internet resources by names such as DNS can also perform lookups of IP addresses using a process called a reverse lookup.
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Enterprise Manager stores its logs in the directory <Audit Vault_Server_Home>/<Host_ Name>_<SID>/sysman/log. The file emdb.nohup in this directory contains a log of activity for the Audit Vault web application, including GUI conversations, requests from the avctl utility, and communication with the various Audit Vault collection agents. This can be used to debug communication issues between the server and the agents. The Audit Vault collection agent creates several log files and also must be maintained to control the amount of disk space used. These files can be found at <Audit_Vault_Collection_ Agent_Home>/av/log. Agent Log File agent.err agent.out Description Logs all errors encountered in agent initialization and operation. It is safe to delete this file at any time. Logs all primary agent related operations and activities. This file may be deleted only after the Audit Vault Collection Agent is shut down. Logs all Audit Vault collection agent commands that have been run and the results of each command. It is safe to delete this file at any time. Logs all AVORCLDB commands that have been run and the results of running each command. It is safe to delete this file at any time. Logs the agent operations and errors returned from those operations. The %g is a generation number that starts from 0 (zero) and increases once the file size reaches the 10MB limit. A concurrent existence of this file is indicated by a .n appended to the file type name, such as av_client-%g.log. n, where n is an integer issued in sequence for example av_client-0.log.1. The files that contain a .log.n extension may be deleted at any time. Logs collection operations for the DBAUD and OSAUD collectors. This file may be deleted only after the Audit Vault collection agent is shut down.
Misc PC board (double-sided, not plated through) TO-220 heatsink, 1 coil former, 4.83 mm OD with F16 ferrite slug 1 F29 ferrite bead (for RFC1) 1 short length of 0.8 mm tinned copper wire for L1 1 length of 0.8 mm enameled copper wire for L2, L3
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Adding a Try Block to a Script
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