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WMLScript is a case-sensitive language. All keywords, variables, and function names must use the same case each time in order to be recognized; otherwise you will introduce all sorts of strange bugs into your code. For example, dale , Dale , and DALE are all considered to be different items by WMLScript. In order to encourage some consistency, there are several accepted conventions of how and when to capitalize your words, but some people like to write in all lowercase, regardless. Others insist that the first letter of each whole word should be capitalized, like GetLetter , or InsertSpace . In Java, the convention is to have the first word lowercased and the second word capitalized, as in getLetter and insertSpace . You should use whichever convention you are comfortable with, but for your own sake, be consistent in whichever convention you choose.
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Another change is today s client. Architects work with more than private individuals. Often, today s client is a board of directors or trustees, a special committee, or representatives of a government agency.
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<card id="card2"> <p align="center"> The date is <%=date()%></p> </card> </wml>
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1. In AppleScript Editor, press z-N or choose File | New to create a new script. 2. Start a tell block to Word, identifying it by its name this time for variety, and tell it to
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years ending December 31, 2002, and was the 2000 Long-Term Timer of the Year. David Korn, an attorney by profession, and an avid stock market buff, decided about four years ago to offer a fee-based commentary service on the stock market and in particular, on Bob Brinker s Moneytalk. For 15 years, Korn has been reading Brinker s newsletter, and listening to his radio show. Korn s Internet-based service came about because of demand from investors who wanted his interpretation of Brinker s comments. Korn s service, known as David Korn s Stock Market Commentary, contains interpretation of Moneytalk, (Bob Brinker, Host), financial education, helpful links, guest editorials and special alert e-mail service, Korn s own market insights, and a model portfolio. He also follows other market timers, and he keeps his subscribers apprised of the changing financial and economic environment. In the year 2000, Korn s subscribers wanted a Web site where they could meet to discuss the stock market, Bob Brinker, and whatever other financial topics were of interest. Thus, Korn s discussion threads sprung up on his Web site, Subscribers post questions on all aspects of investing, including the workings of the stock market, technical analysis, market timing, bonds, real estate, and anything else they can think of. Korn responds to all subscribers questions with detailed answers. A subscription to David Korn s stock market commentary, interpretation of the Moneytalk radio program hosted by Bob Brinker, financial links, and special alert e-mail service and Web site, and is $2.50 a week. For more information on Korn s services, contact him at: David Korn, L.L.C. P.O. Box 58076 New Orleans, LA 70158-8076 Web site: (click on the site to send an e-mail to him)
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Here s how to implement this code as an authorization scheme: 1. Navigate to the Shared Components section of an application. 2. Select Authorization Schemes. 3. Create a new authorization scheme with the name In HR Org. 4. Under Scheme Type, select PL/SQL Function Body Returning a Boolean. 5. Enter the code in the preceding listing in the Expression 1 attribute. 6. Provide an error message.
Some investors may neither be interested in timing the market for themselves, using the market-timing strategies presented in this book or elsewhere, or using a market-timing newsletter to get their timing signals. The last alternative is to hire a market-timing investment advisor to actually make the buy and sell decisions in the investor s account under a limited power of attorney. In that case, the question becomes who to hire. The MoniResearch Newsletter For those investors seeking to engage a market timer to manage their mutual fund investments, there is an unbiased source of information that has been offering audited performance statistics on market timers since March 1986. That service is called The MoniResearch Newsletter, edited and published by Steve Shellans, who has actually been tracking market timers for 22 years. Shellans earned a B.S. degree from M.I.T., and an M.S. degree in computer science from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He has more than 30 years of investment experience. Shellans accepts no fees from timers that he measures nor does he receive any remuneration from them based on the amount of business generated for them by the newsletter. He does, however, charge every timer a fixed annual tracking fee of $275. According to Shellans, the performance data in his newsletter is factual, impartial and unbiased. He will not track any firm he does not trust. About 100 market timers are covered with alternating newsletter issues tracking classic market timers and dynamic asset allocators in the six newsletters published a year. Classic market timers invest in U.S. equity mutual funds when they receive their buy signals, and they invest in money market funds when they get sell signals from their timing models. On the other hand, dynamic asset allocators invest in a mix of asset classes such as domestic and international
Installing Exchange on a Windows 2000 system makes a number of changes to that system:
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