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Joining Lines
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Fig. 12.6 The amnion: A little lamb around the embryo.
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Psychiatric disorders, 1285 1332. See also speci c disorders back pain associated with, 182 183 fatigue and lassitude as symptoms of, 434 with head injury, 764 765 headache with, 158 neurotic. See Neuroses; speci c disorders pain associated with, 122 patient approach and, 8 psychotic. See Psychoses; speci c disorders with seizures, 278 279 sleep disturbance due to, 339 340 Psychiatric dizziness, 258 Psychogenic seizures, 273 274 Psychologic disturbance, sleep disturbance due to, 339 Psychometry, 33 Psychomotor activity, reduced, acute confusional states associated with, 360 361, 361t Psychomotor asthenia, 552 Psychomotor retardation, 359 Psychomotor seizures, 277 279, 279f Psychomotor triad, 278 Psychopathy, 1291 Psychosensorimotor regression, in infants, 805 Psychoses, 1308 1316. See also Manicdepressive disease; Schizophrenia acquired metabolic diseases presenting as, 977 980 corticosteroid, 978 EEG in, 29 endocrine, 1330 1331 in Parkinson s disease, 924 puerperal (postpartum), 1330 Psychotherapy, for depression, 1315 1316 Ptosis, 240, 1195 bilateral, 240 Puberty, 496 precocious, 486 Puerperal psychoses, 1330 Pulmonary disease, hypercapnic, 964 965 Pulmonary edema, neurogenic, 488 Pulmonary veins, cerebral emboli from, 701 Pulseless disease, 732 Punch-drunk syndrome, 763 764, 906 Pupil(s), 241 244 Adie, 243, 465 alterations of, 241 244 Argyll-Robertson. See ArgyllRobertson pupils in comatose patient, 313
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Source: Lim, Paul J., Staying Afloat U.S. News & World Report, Sept. 10, 2001. The data used by USN&WR was obtained from InvesTech Research and B and A Sector Watch. Note that the recovery time does not take into account dividends. L. Masonson adjusted 2000 data through October 2002 to be up-to-date.
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Personal Computer Memory Card International Association International standards organization concerned with promoting interchangeability of computer cards for mobile computers. PCMCIA is promotes a commonly accepted standard called PC Card. See PC Card. Photosensitive Drum The core of the electrophotographic process inside the laser printer. This light-sensitive drum is affected by the cleaning, charging, writing, and transferring processes in the six-step laser printing process. PIO Programmed Input/Output. Data transfer that occurs through the CPU. PIO speeds are very high and utilize processor resources to be accomplished. Plug and Play A software interface that offers automatic driver installation as soon as hardware or software is plugged in, or installed. Microsoft first offered PnP support on the PC with Windows 95. Pointing Stick A small pencil-eraser-size piece of rubber in the center of the keyboard, one of the three most common types of pointing devices on portable systems. The on-screen pointer is controlled by pushing the pointing stick in the desired direction. Point-To-Point Protocol
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call in this scenario is trading for 5.50. In selling this call, we bring in roughly 6 percent of the total value of the spread and leave just over 2 percent gain potential for the market. We have reduced the potential gain for the market over the course of the option s life to 8 percent, but we have added 6 percent to our risk protection. So over the course of 140 days if the SPY is above 94, we will have an 8 percent gain and the ability to remove the option according to your objective or at expiration. We can also allow the short option to offset the SPY with an 8 percent gain in 140 days. Managing this position twice in the course of the year can add up to enhanced gains over the average annual return of the S&P. The broad-based ETF is an excellent tool for managing systemic portfolio risk. If we look at using a short market position in a broadbased index against an individual component or sector-based portfolio, we can accomplish a reduction in overall risk without limiting the strength of individual returns. Narrow portfolios have higher risk because of the reduced diversity and theoretically higher returns. By utilizing a risk strategy on a broad index versus your sector investment, you decrease the systemic risk to the portfolio along with leaving a larger portion of the upside open for pro tability on the sector-based indices. The outright short call options or the risk reversal are the best positions to use to offset risk across the broad indices. When you are outright selling a call, you are not able to set a oor, but you are bringing cash against the potential downside risk in the portfolio. The risk reversal of buying a put and selling a call option allows you to place a oor on the broader market while the sector or individual investments remain intact. You must use care when buying put options on broad indices. With the average 10 percent return for the S&P 500, it is very easy to spend 10 percent of the index in put premium over the course of the year, which leaves you with
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WMLScript Reference
function getData(dataSource, divID) { if(XMLHttpRequestObject) { XMLHttpRequestObject.open("GET", dataSource); XMLHttpRequestObject.onreadystatechange = function() { if (XMLHttpRequestObject.readyState == 4 . . . } } } }
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