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Coelom or No Coelom: Body Cavities in the Bilateria
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Table 9-2
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Basic Concepts in Biochemistry
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The EATTEXT command permits you to extract the attributes from the extract.dwg le using the Data Extraction wizard. 1. From the Tools menu on the Menu Bar, select Data Extraction... or enter the EATTEXT command at the keyboard. This starts the Data Extraction wizard, as shown in Fig. 37-2. There are eight pages in the Data Extraction wizard. 2. Make sure the radio button for Create a new data extraction is selected and pick Next. 3. Save your data extraction as extract.dxe in the le with your name on it. 4. On page 2 of the wizard, pick the Select objects in the current drawing radio button, because we want to extract attributes from blocks in the current drawing. The current drawing, extract.dwg, should be listed in the Drawing les and folders area.
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Once you are shelled into the server, you need to navigate to the location where the database will reside. All SQLite databases for Android reside in the data/data/<package>/ databases directory. Use the cd command to change directories from your current location to the data directory, and then again to the <package> directory. Use ls to list the files and directories at your current location if you are unsure of the <package> directory name. Change the directory to the location where <package> is, android_programmers_ guide.FindAFriend, as shown in the following illustration.
Figure 3-13 Trimming excess component leads
AppleScript: A Beginner s Guide
section and connect the battery holder, as shown in Figure 5.30. Remove the locking nut that is connecting piece A and piece B of the body section. Connect the battery holder, and then secure in place with the locking nut that was just removed. This will be the body section that will have the tail section attached to it, and will be referred to as section 6. Locate the tail section (piece F) and line it up to body section 6 so that the 1/2-inch section on either side overlaps on top of the body section by 1/2 an inch. Mark the location where the holes line up on the body section. Remove the tailpiece, and then drill the mounting holes marked on the body section with a 5/32-inch bit. Secure the tail piece in place with four 6/32-inch 1/2-inch machine screws and locking nuts, as shown in Figure 5.31.
Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade
2. User Interface
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