Figure 8.1 Career Path in a Large Consulting Firm in Software

Deploy USS Code 128 in Software Figure 8.1 Career Path in a Large Consulting Firm

Additional Problems
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Beyond Our Solar System
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File Systems
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palette A special toolbar that contains a large grouping of buttons, tools, or information. (3) panning A feature that allows the user to move the viewing window around the drawing without changing the zoom magni cation. (14) paper space The space, or drawing mode, in AutoCAD from which multiple views can be arranged and plotted on the same sheet. (26)
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Oracle Database Vault
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Eleven: VHF Public Service Monitor
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As you can see there are only a few of these Web templates available in the BI Patterns with Pattern Wizard for you to choose from, and that s okay since we have identified the fact that we can use each of these over again in many different situations. These templates allow a business user to do some configuration of their own Web queries and get up and running very quickly using this component of the WAD. I m not sure how many of you have looked at these or tried them but if your experience is the same as mine not many people even know that these are available much less how useful they can be to someone that needs some changes to the standard Web template functionality quickly. These Small Web Templates and Pattern templates might also be ideal for the super users to get their hands dirty with some configuration using the WAD component. As a byproduct, any fear that the business user has about attempting to build a Web report should be dispelled, because this will allow them to use much of the components and functionality of the actual WAD toolset. Another good thing about these Web templates is that once the business user gets comfortable with this functionality they can easily take the functionality that they have developed in the BI Patterns with Pattern Wizard area and expand on it by using other standard Web items to enhance their Web reports. So, any development work in this area doesn t go to waste.
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Transfer Functions
G e t t i n g a F a s t S t a r t w i t h B I P a t t e r n s i n t h e B E x W e b Te m p l a t e
We ll take a look at one last example in this chapter, showing how to download images using Ajax. What s that you ask. Downloading images Can t you download only text-based data with Ajax That s right, you can download only text. But that text can be the name of the image file you want to download, and if you use that image s filename to create an HTML <img> element, then the browser through the magic of dynamic HTML will download the image immediately, no page refresh needed. Here s an example, images.html, that shows this in action. First, we can add to the page two buttons that let the user download either of two images, image 1 or image 2, as well as a <div> element to display the new images in:
This method provides zero-downtime migrations. The only impact is for the applications to initiate a reconnection to the Oracle Database on the Database Machine.
If the Package Explorer is not open, you can activate it by choosing Window | Show View | Package Explorer.
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