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SELECT CustomerNumber, CustomerFirstName, CustomerLastName, CustomerStreet, CustomerCity, CustomerState, CustomerZip, CustomerCtry FROM Customers WHERE Sales >= 40000
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There are two methods of conversion that we will touch lightly on here, as they place the resulting WML code outside of your control, and hence outside of the scope of this book. They are worth mentioning because they provide an instant fix. The results, however, are comparable to walking into a travel agent and saying, Give me a vacation, then accepting whatever you get. You might get a month in Hawaii. Unfortunately, you probably won t. These two methods of conversion are fully automated converters and configurable converters.
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created shadow is perfectly sharp at the edges since it was cut from an actual layer, so it will need some fuzziness around the edges in order to look real. Look at the other shadows in the scene to determine how sharp the edges of your fake shadow need to be in order to blend in. Now choose Filter, Blur, and then Gaussian Blur to bring up the Gaussian blur panel, which will do an amazing job of softening up the edges of your fake shadow. Gaussian blur is extremely powerful, and available in most image editing packages, and you will find it among one of the most widely used tools, especially when compositing or drawing cartoons. As shown in Figure 12-21, a little bit of Gaussian blur does wonders to the new shadow layer, making it look extremely realistic. Painting a similar shadow by hand would have taken a lot more time and eye hand coordination. When you have the blur set the way you like it, press OK to apply the transformation. Now you can go back and tweak the opacity if you think it is needed in order to make the new shadow look
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must be enabled in Network Properties. Next, right-click the printer you want to share and select the Sharing option. The printer s Sharing dialog box will open. Select the Share As option. A, right-click the printer and select Share, is incorrect because there is no Share option in the printer s shortcut menu. Rather, you must select Sharing and select the appropriate options in the Sharing dialog box. C is incorrect because although it lists the appropriate steps, they appear in the wrong order. Printer sharing must be enabled in Network Properties before you can configure individual printers as shared. D, enable printer sharing in the Network Properties dialog box, is incorrect because this alone is not sufficient to share a printer. Once printer sharing is enabled, you must individually configure specific printers as shared. 5. C. The purpose of mapping a network drive is to access a shared drive without having to navigate through Network Neighborhood. When you map a drive, that drive appears in My Computer, just as local drives do. You can then use My Computer rather than the Network Neighborhood to access the drive. A, to receive automatic updates whenever data changes on the shared drive, is incorrect. There is no Windows utility that will update users whenever you change data on a shared drive. B, to inform users of a shared drive s name, is incorrect because there is no such utility in Windows. It is therefore important that you give the drive a descriptive name when you share it. D, to specify which users can access a shared drive, is incorrect. Although you can create mixed access types to a shared drive, you cannot apply access to individual users. 6. A. A DHCP server can be used to automatically assign IP addresses to computers when they join the network. Rather than manually entering IP addresses on all computers, they can be configured to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. When the computer joins the network, the DHCP will assign it a dynamic IP address. B, WINS, is incorrect because this type of server is responsible for translating IP addresses into computer names, and vice versa. C, DNS, is incorrect because this type of server translates IP addresses into domain names, and vice versa. D is incorrect because it suggests that IP addresses cannot be automatically assigned. 7. B. A URL cannot be provided to computers by a DHCP server. The function of a DHCP server is to provide computers with IP addresses. A URL is an address used on the Internet to identify the transfer method and domain name or IP address of an Internet server. A, subnet mask, C, default gateway, and D, WINS server address, are all incorrect. All computers are assigned a subnet mask by the DHCP server and are supplied with addresses of the gateway and WINS server, if they exist. 8. B. You can use IPCONFIG to request a new IP address. Windows 2000 and Windows 9x allow you to run the IP Configuration utility from a DOS prompt, and by using the /release and /renew switches, you can request a new IP address from the DHCP server.
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All SQL statements interact with the partitioned object as a single unified entity, but the Oracle optimizer is aware that an object is partitioned and how it is partitioned. The optimizer uses this information to implement a strategy of partition pruning. A query that needs to implement some type of selection, either with a predicate or a join, can simply avoid reading partitions whose partition key indicates that none of the data in the partition will pass the criteria. In this way, the execution path can avoid accessing a large portion of an object, reducing the overall I/O requirements. The performance gain, like the partition, is implemented transparently. You can partition both tables and indexes with any of the partition methods that are described in the next section. Three different relationships are possible between a partitioned table and an index, as shown in Figure 2-8.
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These questions are designed to further your knowledge of AutoCAD by encouraging you to explore the concepts presented in this chapter. Answer each question on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Other than for parts lists and bills of materials, when might you use a table in AutoCAD 2. AutoCAD allows you to build a table with the title and headers on the bottom and the list on top. Why do you think this option exists When would it be useful
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Indices and Universe Averages When Ranked by Performance and Std. Dev. 12 Months 440 managers 24 Months 258 managers Performance 18.32% 26.41% 35.09% 0.95% 2.27% 23.41% 39.32% 16.56% Std. Dev. Performance Std. Dev. 5.70% 8.40% 10.35% 23.37% 31.53% 37.58% 16.10% 5.01% 32.40% 45.90% 17.76% 7.57% 13.70% 1.30% 2.69% 12.46%
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VIII. 3D Drawing and Modeling
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DELOBJ is the Delete Object system variable. With the default value of 1, the 2D pro les used to create solids are deleted. The DELOBJ value of 0 retains
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Suppose you come across this equation in a physics or engineering problem. Note the similarity of this to the equation in the previous challenge: 4/x = 0 Can this be rearranged into standard first-degree equation form If so, how If not, why not What is the significance of the result
But what if you re dealing with Internet Explorer In that case, you can create an XMLHttpRequest object by using this JavaScript:
If you put a disk in the A drive and receive an A: is not accessible message, the drive cannot detect a floppy disk. The most common reason for this error is simply that no disk has been inserted in the drive or was not inserted all the way. Check to make sure that there is a disk inserted. If there is, remove the disk and try pulling the metal cover back a few times to loosen it; if the drive cannot pull the cover back, it cannot access the data on the disk.
a. True b. False
4. Barbell squats: Stand erect with a barbell
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Orbit around Mercury
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