Careers in Systems Analysis Figure 2.3 Systems Analysis Career Path in Software

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The following examples demonstrate the use of APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN: $ sqlplus system Enter password: ******* -- The APEX_030200 schema is locked by default and should remain that way SQL> alter session set current_schema=APEX_030200; SQL> set serveroutput on declare l_value varchar2(4000); begin l_value :=apex_instance_admin.get_parameter('PASSWORD_NOT_LIKE_WORDS'); dbms_output.put_line('PASSWORD_NOT_LIKE_WORDS: '||l_value); end; / PASSWORD_NOT_LIKE_WORDS: oracle:hello:welcome:guest:user:database
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3. Open the connection You do this by calling an appropriate instance function of the instance of the class.
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and/or xed values which may or may not be accurate with respect to the stock or derivative option you are analyzing. These models also do not always account for factors such as changes in volatility, commissions, dividends, and splits which can radically affect the pricing model.
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Controlling Mesh Divisions
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4.19. Generalized shortest-paths problem. In Internet routing, there are delays on lines but also, more signi cantly, delays at routers. This motivates a generalized shortest-paths problem. Suppose that in addition to having edge lengths {le : e E}, a graph also has vertex costs {cv : v V }. Now de ne the cost of a path to be the sum of its edge lengths, plus the costs of all vertices on the path (including the endpoints). Give an ef cient algorithm for the following problem. Input: A directed graph G = (V, E); positive edge lengths le and positive vertex costs cv ; a starting vertex s V . Output: An array cost[ ] such that for every vertex u, cost[u] is the least cost of any path from s to u (i.e., the cost of the cheapest path), under the de nition above. Notice that cost[s] = cs . 4.20. There is a network of roads G = (V, E) connecting a set of cities V . Each road in E has an associated length le . There is a proposal to add one new road to this network, and there is a list E of pairs of cities between which the new road can be built. Each such potential road e E has an associated length. As a designer for the public works department you are asked to determine the road e E whose addition to the existing network G would result in the maximum decrease in the driving distance between two xed cities s and t in the network. Give an ef cient algorithm for solving this problem. 4.21. Shortest path algorithms can be applied in currency trading. Let c1 , c2 , . . . , cn be various currencies; for instance, c1 might be dollars, c2 pounds, and c3 lire. For any two currencies ci and cj , there is an exchange rate ri,j ; this means that you can purchase ri,j units of currency cj in exchange for one unit of ci . These exchange rates satisfy the condition that ri,j rj,i < 1, so that if you start with a unit of currency ci , change it into currency cj and then convert back to currency ci , you end up with less than one unit of currency ci (the difference is the cost of the transaction). (a) Give an ef cient algorithm for the following problem: Given a set of exchange rates r i,j , and two currencies s and t, nd the most advantageous sequence of currency exchanges for converting currency s into currency t. Toward this goal, you should represent the currencies and rates by a graph whose edge lengths are real numbers. The exchange rates are updated frequently, re ecting the demand and supply of the various currencies. Occasionally the exchange rates satisfy the following property: there is a sequence of currencies ci1 , ci2 , . . . , cik such that ri1 ,i2 ri2 ,i3 rik 1 ,ik rik ,i1 > 1. This means that by starting with a unit of currency ci1 and then successively converting it to currencies ci2 , ci3 , . . . , cik , and nally back to ci1 , you would end up with more than one unit of currency ci1 . Such anomalies last only a fraction of a minute on the currency exchange, but they provide an opportunity for risk-free pro ts. (b) Give an ef cient algorithm for detecting the presence of such an anomaly. Use the graph representation you found above. 4.22. The tramp steamer problem. You are the owner of a steamship that can ply between a group of port cities V . You make money at each port: a visit to city i earns you a pro t of pi dollars. Meanwhile, the transportation cost from port i to port j is cij > 0. You want to nd a cyclic route in which the ratio of pro t to cost is maximized. To this end, consider a directed graph G = (V, E) whose nodes are ports, and which has edges between each pair of ports. For any cycle C in this graph, the pro t-to-cost ratio is r(C) =
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Adjustable work stand and utility knife.
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1. A man rode his bike six miles to work. The wind reduced his average speed on the way home by 2 mph. The round trip took 1 hour 21 minutes. How fast was he riding on the way to work 2. On a road trip a saleswoman traveled 120 miles to visit a customer. She averaged 15 mph faster to the customer than on the return trip. She spent a total of 4 hours 40 minutes driving. What was her average speed on the return trip 3. A couple walked on the beach from their house to a public beach four miles away. They walked 0.2 mph faster on the way home than on the way to the public beach. They walked for a total of 2 hours 35 minutes. How fast did they walk home 4. A family drove from Detroit to Bu alo, a distance of 215 miles, for the weekend. They averaged 10 mph faster on the return trip. They spent a total of seven hours on the road. What was their average speed on the trip from Detroit to Bu alo (Give your solution accurate to one decimal place.) 5. Boston and New York are 190 miles apart. A professor drove from his home in Boston to a conference in New York. On the return trip, he faced heavy tra c and averaged 17 mph slower than on his way to New York. He spent a total of 8 hours 5 minutes on the road. How long did his trip from Boston to New York last
Solar System Dynamics
Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
RAC was the marquis feature of the Oracle 9 i release, so most readers will probably be familiar with the general capabilities of this feature. But since RAC and grid are really the first big steps towards Exadata and the Exadata Database Machine, it s worthwhile to spend a few paragraphs reviewing the exact definition and architecture of RAC. The official name of the feature does make sense. When introduced, the defining characteristic of RAC was that it could be used transparently with existing, or real, applications. There was no need to rewrite or refactor existing applications to take advantage of the benefits of RAC, a virtue that is common to most new Oracle features. The second part of the name points to what made RAC different. Normally, an Oracle database is only associated with a single instance a single running copy of the Oracle database software which was in turn
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