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The space between the stars is far from empty. Gas and dust, some of it left over from the primordial Universe and much of it the remnants of exploded massive stars, is strewn throughout the Milky Way. Most of this material is found in or near the plane of our galaxy.
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And that s almost it all that remains is to use the XMLHttpRequest object s send method to post the data to the server:
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In a ring network, each computer is attached to the next in a circular formation
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This chapter has explained how you can write your own procedures. However, it has not yet explained why you would want to do so. Indeed, often you could write all your code inside event procedures and never have to write your own procedures. By analogy, assume this book is a Visual Basic application, and each chapter is an event procedure. Each chapter is divided into headings and subheadings to make the chapter more readable. The headings and subheadings, which I would analogize to programmer-defined procedures, are not necessary, but without them, each chapter, averaging about 15 to 20 pages long, would be more difficult to read and understand.
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Eyebrow con guration can be a powerful communicator of moods. Raising the eyebrows produces a surprised look, while lowering of the medial eyebrow may give the impression of anger or sternness, particularly when accompanied by visible glabellar frown lines. Generalized drooping of the eyebrows may signal sadness or fatigue, especially when the downward displacement aggravates hooding of upper eyelid skin. There is no single correct resting position or shape of the eyebrow and concepts of normal vary with gender and race. In general, male eyebrows rest at the level of the orbital rim and female eyebrows lie superior to the orbital rim. The eyebrows tend to be more arched in women, peaking between the lateral limbus and lateral canthus meridians. Eyebrows positioned below the superior rim are considered to be ptotic. If eyebrow ptosis is present, the upper eyelid skin becomes compressed downward, producing the impression of dermatochalasis. For such patients, eyebrow lifting alone may correct the apparent skin excess or may need to be combined with upper lid blepharoplasty. However, treating these patients with blepharoplasty alone will only drag the eyebrow further downward, worsening the upper lid crowding and resulting in a cosmetically unacceptable outcome.
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Example 5-7
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If you are working in a Microsoft Windows environment, the workspace path will be C:/Users/<username>/workspace, as shown in the previous illustration. However, for any number of reasons, you may want to uncheck the Use Default Location check box and select a different location for your project. One reason you may want to specify a different location here is simply if you want to choose a location for this specific project that is separate from other Android projects. For example, you may want to keep the projects that you create in this book in a different location from projects that you create in the future on your own. If so, simply override the Location option to specify your own custom location directory for this project. On the other hand, you may be required to specify a project location if you did not check the Use This as the Default and Do Not Ask Again check box in the Select a Default Workspace dialog box during the Eclipse setup (as recommended in the last section of 2). Checking that box during the Eclipse setup defaults all new projects to the workspace directory (and provides the default location shown in the Location field of the New Android Project wizard). If you did not check this box during the Eclipse setup process, you need to select a path for your new project now by clicking the Browse button and navigating to it. The final three options in the New Android Project wizard are in the Properties area. These properties define how your project is integrated into the Android environment. In the Package Name field, you specify the namespace given to your application package. For example, or
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the surface of the animal, it is also called the cuticle (KYOO-tih-kl) or little skin. The exoskeleton (cuticle) can even be thought of as a coat of mail, a type of armor! Why is this The reason is that the lobster exoskeleton contains large amounts of chitin (KY-tin). Chitin also covers the surfaces of crabs, beetles, and crickets. Chitin is a tough, horny substance providing protection to the invertebrate body, much as if the lobster were an oceandwelling knight wearing a coat of mail (chitin)! The chitin-armored lobster body has two pairs of antennae (short and long), two feeding mouthparts, as well as two large pincers, attached to either side of the head. A thorax (THOH-racks) or chest piece forms a second segment behind the head. The head and thorax are often lumped together by biologists and named as a single large segment called the cephalothorax (sefuh-low-THOR-aks) or head (cephal)-and- chest piece. Four hollow, segmented legs are attached to either side of the cephalothorax and allow the lobster to easily walk over the ocean oor. Behind the thorax is the third body segment a much-longer abdomen (AB-duh-mun). The abdomen is literally the long belly of the beast. But for we lobster-eating humans, it is usually just considered the tail! The exoskeleton protecting the abdomen is subdivided into a number of hinged plates, allowing the lobster to use its swimming appendages (uh-PEN-dih-jes) or hangers-on to scoot its body rapidly along.
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