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The equatorial plane of Pluto intersects its orbital plane at an angle of 58 degrees, but the rotation of Pluto is retrograde. There are pronounced seasonal changes in the path of the Sun across the sky at any particular location; the Sun always appears to rise in the west and set in the east. Pluto takes about 6 days and 91 2 Earth hours to rotate once on its axis. Charon follows a prograde orbit (in the same direction as Pluto rotates) over Pluto s equator and completes one orbit every Plutonian day, so Charon always stays over the same spot on Pluto. An observer on Pluto would see Charon hanging almost perfectly still in the sky. In addition, Charon, like most planetary moons, keeps the same side toward Pluto constantly. The Pluto-Charon system takes 248 Earth years to make one complete journey around the Sun. Its orbit is a pronounced ellipse. Thus the variations in this system s distance from the Sun, as well as its extreme axial tilt, affect the seasons. The maximum-to-minimum ratio of solar irradiation is about 2.8:1.
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All have the potential to cause tardive dyskinesias and neuroleptic malignant syndrome (see Table 58-1), but these complications are less frequent than with phenothiazines and haloperidol. Weight gain is common with this class of drugs.
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computers easier, for example, programs that schedule the computer to deal with many tasks simultaneously. These sets of instructions, called operating systems, control the operation of the entire computer system. They frequently become a permanent part of the computer s memory so that all of the components and related equipment perform in harmony with one another. This requires a good technical knowledge of the parts of the computer and how they operate. Because of their knowledge of operating systems, systems programmers often help applications programmers debug their programs by identifying the point in the computer s cycle of operations where a program has gone wrong. Systems programmers might even be involved in developing new computer languages or adapting existing languages to specific needs. Operating systems programmers are employed in a variety of work environments. Along with any sizable organization using computers, there is demand for systems programmers by computer manufacturers, computer service organizations, and management consulting firms all of which are discussed in later chapters. The use of personal computers and networks has contributed to the demand for programmers. Systems programmers with skills in Windows NT/2000, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and other Unix systems will find many opportunities. A degree in computer science with a solid background in computer architecture, which is the way the computer circuits are structured, is required for most positions. A systems programmer might move upward, eventually becoming manager of programming, then move into systems analysis or database administration. Some systems programmers who enjoy technical rather than managerial activities may prefer to remain in programming.
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Quadratic Equations
For patients with moderate to severe degeneration or photoaging of the eyelids whose goal is to achieve skin tightening, smoothing of eyelid and periorbital rhytides, and improvement of dyspigmentation, a more aggressive treatment approach is required. While ablative techniques may be appropriate for some of these patients, many would accept a more modest improvement in return for a greater safety pro le than traditional CO2. In an effort to achieve this objective, a recently completed study evaluated plasma skin resurfacing of the eyelids. Plasma skin resurfacing involves creation of highenergy gas via the delivery of a pulse of ultra high frequency RF, which excites a tuned resonator, imparting energy to a ow of inert nitrogen gas. When the plasma is delivered to the skin, rapid molecular energy transfer occurs with transmission to dermal layers. The depth of effect is determined by the amount of energy delivered per pulse. Differences between plasma skin resurfacing and laser skin resurfacing techniques include lack of chromophore dependency and maintenance of the structural integrity of treated tissue after delivery of plasma
Implied volatility
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