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19. Hatching and Sketching
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Dim myConn As New OleDbConnection Dim strFile As String = Server.MapPath _
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help you to clean up some of the clutter found on your screen by hiding unused items, but that s about it. Table 3-4 lists and briefly describes the View menu options.
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Figure 11-11
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Here is the Microsoft Access version:
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The construction of the robot turtle will start with the assembly of two Tamiya high power gearboxes. They are available from HVW Tech and can be purchased at their Web site, located at The gearboxes are sold as kits and need to be assembled before they can be used. Figure 7.4 shows the Tamiya high power gearbox kit.
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Administering Application Servers
2. Terminate the SCSI chain. Perform this step only if the new device is at the end of the chain. If the device has an on-board terminator, select the proper jumper setting to enable it. If not, place a terminator plug in the unused port on the device. 3. Set the SCSI ID. If this is a Plug-and-Play device, the ID will be assigned automatically. Simply restart the computer and skip the remaining steps. If the ID must be configured manually and electronically, restart the computer and run the device s Setup program (this will also load the driver, so you can skip the next step). To set the ID manually using a jumper, consult the manufacturer s documentation and make the proper jumper setting. 4. Load the device s driver. Restart the computer and insert the floppy disk or CD that came with the device. Run the Setup or Install program.
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