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An Inside Look at ASP.NET
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This section presents the navigation mechanization equations in both continuous and discrete-time. The continuous-time equations will be used to develop the navigation error equations. The discrete-time equations will be used for implementation of the dead-reckoning navigation system.
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If an update is released, how do I upgrade my SDK Upgrading the SDK can be very tricky. When a new SDK is released, chances are a new plugin is also released. During the writing of this book, both a new SDK and a new plugin were released. I attempted to use the provided upgrade tools to change versions. However, this proved fruitless and left me with two conflicting versions, neither of which worked correctly. I eventually had to uninstall both versions and reinstall only the latest version. The newest SDK then worked correctly. I suggest that anyone faced with the possibility of upgrading from one version of an SDK/plugin combo to another use this same process: simply uninstall the older version, and install the newer one, rather than upgrading.
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10. A query parameter is assigned values that visitors enter into a form on your web site. a. True b. False
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A portfolio displays the position of an object (enterprise, product, and so on) in a fourfield matrix. The position of the object is defined using two dimensions and the X and Y axes depending on the movement of the overall amounts or values. So, the base of zero is moving to correct for some variance that is defined. Portfolios are used mainly in enterprise and product comparisons. A portfolio can be sorted, for example, like the products of an enterprise by their dimensions economics and strategic significance. The most important aspect of this chart type is the construction of the underlying query to support it. Once you get this set up correctly, the final build of the chart itself is routine. You build the underlying table for a portfolio as follows: The first data column contains the values to be entered on the X axis. The second data column contains the values to be entered on the Y axis. The third data column is relevant for the bubble size. You can add further pairs of data columns to the table. The first data column of a pair always contains the Y values and the second data column the bubble size. The X value of a data point is always defined from the first data column. The Y value of a data point is defined from the second data column, depending on the data column to which the data point belongs. The X and Y values together give you the center of the bubble. In the following example, the X axis is the Net Sales, Y is the Invoiced Quantity, and the bubble size as the average value Sales/Quantity.
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