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Part 1: Groundwork
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How do you connect to the server That depends on the HTTP method you re using to connect. In this example, we re using the GET method, so you call the XMLHttpRequest object s send method, passing it a value of null, which is JavaScript s placeholder for a value of nothing (you pass different arguments when you re using the POST HTTP method to connect to the server). That looks like this in ajax.html:
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Fig. 31-9 Problem 7 courtesy of Mark Schwendau, Kishwaukee College
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function I = trap(func,a,b,n,varargin) % trap: composi.te tt:apezoidal rule quadraLure 'Z I - trap(f unc,a,b,n,pi,p2,... ): % composite trapezoidal rule % input: func = name of function Lo be integrated Z a, b = inteqration limits n - number of seg,ments (defaulL = 100) pl ,p2, . .. - additional parameters used by func Z output: I=integralestimate % if nargin<3,error('at least 3 input arguments required'),end if -'(b>a),error('upper bound must be greater than lower,),end r f narqin-4 risempLylnt,n-100;end x = a; h = (f - a)/n; S-func (q,vdrarg i -,{:' ) ; fori=1;n-1 X = X + h; s = s + 2*func(x,vararg:in{:}); end s - s + func(b,varargin{:}); I = (b - a) * s/(2*n);
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The while loop has two different implementations. The first is as a loop that checks the condition at the top of the loop.
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What are the roots If we find a quadratic equation in binomial factor form and we want to find the roots, we re in luck! Here is the binomial factor form again, for a quadratic in the variable x :
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Figure 8.7 Reductions between search problems.
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Anatomic diagnosis By history Elicitation of clinical facts By neurologic examination Interpretation of symptoms and signs in terms of physiology and anatomy Syndromic formulation and localization of the lesion Mode of onset and course Other medical data Appropriate lab tests (Anatomic diagnosis) I Figure 1-1. Steps in the diagnosis of neurologic disease. II III (Pathologic or etiologic diagnosis) IV
The If...ElseIf statement is similar to the If...Then...Else statement except that the If...ElseIf statement is used when there are more than two choices. For example, if your test score is 90 or better, your grade is an A; if your test score is between 80 and 89, your grade is a B; if your test score is between 70 and 79, your grade is a C, and so on.
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Write your character. Find ways to write in your own concrete (before it sets up).
Final Exam
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