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Normally, SQL statements are executed in a serial fashion. A statement comes to the Oracle database and is assigned to a server process to execute. A database server has many user processes active at any point in time, and each statement was assigned to a single server process. NOTE This description applies to a dedicated server, where there is a one-to-one connection between a user request and a user process on the server. Oracle also supports shared servers, where one server process is shared between multiple user requests, but that technology is outside the realm of this chapter. Parallel execution is a way to reduce the overall response time of a statement by having multiple processes work on the statement together. By dividing the work up among these multiple processes, or parallel servers, each server does less work and finishes that work faster. As you will read shortly, there is some overhead involved with this distribution of work, as well as with the re-aggregation of the results of the parallel work, but the overall performance benefit of the parallel operations provides benefits for longer-running operations in most cases.
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WBLOCK, short for Write BLOCK, writes (saves) objects or a block to a new
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480 Logarithms and Exponentials
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Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional Edition. Available as third-party software on other systems. Windows 9x, Windows NT, 2000, and XP
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virtual servers of a given type by stopping the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 service, the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service, or the World Wide Web Publishing service using the Services console.
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Figure 9.8 Local search.
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Gigaxonin Porphobilinogen deaminase
TDE Caveats
Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
bottom of the cloud layer until halfway through the night, says the first officer as he sips on a glass of lemonade. We are letting the atmosphere do all the work of slowing us down. The jet engines will start after we get under the clouds. The view out the windows turns from cream-colored to yellow, then orange, then rusty, then brown, and finally black. You imagine that you can hear the hiss of the sulfuric acid droplets as they eat away at the exterior of the craft, but you know this cannot actually be taking place because of the protective coatings that keep heat, radiation, and corrosion from affecting the shell of the vessel. Just as the windows have completely blacked over, you feel the first jolt. For the next 8 hours you lie flat on your back, your seat all the way down to horizontal, strapped in tight, and try to sleep. You don t get airsick, but you worry that something will go wrong, the craft will shake apart, and you will be sent tumbling down into hell. Then finally the violent ride becomes smooth, and you hear the whooshing sound of the jet engines, which are now propelling the craft beneath the clouds of Venus at midnight. All around the ship, lightning flashes: yellow, blue-white, brilliant white. With each flash, you can see the ceiling of cloud deck above. You cannot yet see the planet s surface. We re 40 kilometers (25 miles) above the landscape down there, says the first officer. You ll be able to see it as soon as we come back into daylight. That will be in about 8 hours. How high are we going to fly you ask. We have leveled off now, says the first officer. This is as low as we dare go. If we went a little lower, the atmosphere would slow us down too much. Then we would lose altitude, and the drag would increase further, slowing us down still more, and we would plunge to the surface and crash. That is not what I want to hear, you say. Don t worry, says the first officer. I am well trained.
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