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Oracle has offered some level of cryptographic support for data stored inside a database for many years. In its first release, Oracle developed the DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT for release 8i, which gave developers a set of PL/SQL libraries for encrypting data, hashing data, and generating keys in the database. DBMS_OBFUCATION_TOOLKIT, aside from a complex name choice, suffered from several shortcomings and was difficult to use, requiring significant application design changes. The second generation of encryption technology came with many improvements over its predecessor in the 10g release of the DBMS_CRYPTO package. Over a near ten-year period, these packages served as the primary, and really only reasonable method, of encrypting data within the database. DBMS_CRYPTO uses, caveats, and many useful examples are detailed in Effective Oracle Database 10g Security by Design. Suffice it to say that while DBMS_CRYPTO offered improved algorithms, key generation, and better data type support over the DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT, it still did not manage keys and was programmatic. If you wanted to encrypt and decrypt data, you had to write the PL/SQL functions and send your data through those functions. As with many programmatic approaches, this technology tends be unsupported and difficult to use with many commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. To get the encryption, you have to insert code into the application, thereby altering its structure and most likely breaking the support for it. TDE, as the third generation of encryption technology offered within the database, is significantly different in many respects from DBMS_CRYPTO. The first difference that you will find is that while DBMS_OBFUCATION_TOOLKIT and DBMS_CRYPTO were features of the database, TDE is a licensed option. TDE is not simply another way to encrypt data; the integration with the database engine and ability to implement encryption through SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) make it unique. Another difference between DBMS_CRYPTO and TDE is that TDE doesn t require significant development effort to implement. Instead, TDE provides a declarative SQL syntax to change the way columns, or entire tablespaces of data, are stored. TDE is a convenient and practical way to resolve many of the challenges introduced by DBMS_CRYPTO. In this chapter, we highlight those new capabilities. You will hear about several practical uses of TDE, learn details on the mechanics, and see examples of how to get it working for your applications. To accomplish this, you will see examples based on the storage and use of credit card data. Credit card data, like all sensitive data, should be protected from disclosure and misuse, because it can cost both cardholders and credit card issuance companies when it s used in fraudulent transactions. You ll look at examples using credit card data, plus a set of mandates from the Payment Card Industry s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which TDE can help address. As with other security standards, PCI provides a set of guidelines and requirements that help with the classification and protection of data. This will act as the security target mentioned in 1, providing something to work toward.
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Before we get into a discussion about using options on interest-rate products, especially for hedging positions against changing interest rates, it should be clear that the Treasury futures markets are by no means a hedging method for the small investor with a $10,000 xed income portfolio. If you are worried about the changes in the discount rate on under $100,000 in T-notes, or T-bonds, your best bet is to hold to maturity, liquidate the position for a money market or a nice dividend yielding preferred stock, or consider rolling any long-term instruments into shorter-term bonds where the effect of rate change will not be as dramatic.
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Additional Problems
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The rotation rate of the artificial-gravity wheel increases gradually, beginning immediately after your return from the aborted Mercury landing. Over the next several weeks the spin rate will be controlled by a computer program that will optimize your adaptation to Venus gravity just as you enter orbit around that planet. The first officer wasn t joking when he said there is a good selection of videos on the spacecraft. In total, there are more than 2 million hours
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Windows Explorer is one of the main tools used for file management and was discussed earlier in this chapter in the section Navigating Through Windows. A large number of Windows utilities are discussed in this chapter. Use the following questions and answers to refresh your memory on the functions of these utilities.
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IntelliSense and Events
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Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
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The Auto DOP decision process
Even in times of overall good job opportunities, the country will have areas with poor opportunities. Architects who are licensed to practice in one state must meet the licensing requirements of other states before practicing elsewhere, but these requirements are becoming more standardized, facilitating movement between states.
10 Percent Diff. S&P 500 Forecast S&P 500 Close Percent Diff. 1750 H 1000 L 12.6% 1556 C 1320 4300 H 1800 L 1148 35.8% 3583 C 1950 83.7% 2471 1650 H 1000 L 19.9% 1559 C 17.9% 5000 H 2000 L 3805 C Percent Diff. Nasdaq Comp. Forecast Nasdaq Comp. Close 54.0% 1535 H 920 L 32.9% 1292 C 880 1250 H 800 L 1049 C TBD 46.8% 2626 H 1500 L 2236 C 1336 67.4% 2500 H 1065 L 1703 C TBD
programmer, and owner of UFS, has compiled over 85 different market-timing systems that have been developed by other researchers, enhanced by others, or written by him. After testing hundreds of systems Hunter has retained the best-performing systems for this software package. New systems are added periodically in software updates. The $349 software package called ULTRA 7 provides access to 48 intermediate-term stock timing systems (including VL4%), 15 short-term stock market timing systems, 8 seasonality systems (including presidential cycle and best six months strategy), 8 Nasdaq 100 systems, 6 bond timing systems, and 2 gold timing systems. UFS offers a data updating service that can be purchased for $99 a year that updates the entire database including every system using an automated Internet download. All upgrades to ULTRA 7 are provided without charge for 12 months after purchase. ULTRA 7 has an historical database from 1942 encompassing the following: 10 market indexes, 12 NYSE breadth statistics, 8 Nasdaq breadth statistics, 9 interest rates, short sales statistics, S&P 500 dividends and earnings, CPI, CRB, Gold Mining Index, Spot Gold, and the cash Swiss Franc. Also, the database is exportable to any ASCII format for further analysis with other software. ULTRA 7 is a well-designed and easy software package to install and use. If you want to do your own system testing with mostly predetermined systems, then you may want to give this software a try. The following is contact information for ULTRA Financial Systems Inc.: ULTRA Financial Systems Inc. P.O. Box 3938 Breckenridge, CO 80424 Phone: (970) 453-4956 Web site: E-mail:
the accuracy of ancient memories. Albert and associates, who tested the patient s recognition of dated political events and pictures of prominent people past and present, found that some degree of memory loss extends to all decades of life (neuropsychologic testing is discussed further on). Once the memory disorder has become pronounced, other failures in cerebral function become increasingly apparent. The patient s speech is halting because of failure to recall the needed word. The same dif culty interrupts writing. Vocabulary becomes restricted and expressive language stereotyped and in exible. Comprehension of spoken words seems at rst to be preserved, until it is observed that the patient does not carry out a complicated request; even then it is uncertain whether the request was not understood because of inattention or was forgotten. Almost imperceptible at rst, these disturbances of language become more apparent as the disease progresses. The range of vocabulary and the accuracy of spelling are reduced. Finally, after many years of illness, there is a failure to speak in full sentences; the nding of words requires a continuous search; and little that is said or written is fully comprehended. There is a tendency to repeat a question before answering it, and later there may be a rather dramatic repetition of every spoken phrase (echolalia). The deterioration of verbal skills has by then progressed beyond a groping for names and common nouns to an obvious anomic aphasia. Other elements of receptive and executive aphasia are later added, but discrete aphasias of the Broca or Wernicke type are characteristically lacking. In general there is a paucity of speech and a quantitative reduction in mentation. Skill in arithmetic suffers a similar deterioration. Faults in balancing the checkbook, mistakes in guring the price of items and in making the correct change all these and others progress to a point where the patient can no longer carry out the simplest calculations (acalculia or dyscalculia). In some patients, visuospatial orientation becomes defective. The car cannot be parked; the arms do not nd the correct sleeves of the jacket or shirt; the corners of the tablecloth cannot be oriented with the corners of the table; the patient turns in the wrong direction on the way home or becomes lost. The route from one place to another cannot be described, nor can given directions be understood. As this state worsens, the simplest of geometric forms and patterns cannot be copied. Late in the course of the illness, the patient forgets how to use common objects and tools while retaining the necessary motor power and coordination for these activities. The razor is no longer correctly applied to the face; the latch of the door cannot be unfastened; and eating utensils are used awkwardly. Finally, only the most habitual and virtually automatic actions are preserved. Tests of commanded and demonstrated actions cannot be executed or imitated. Ideational and ideomotor apraxia are the terms applied to the advanced forms of this motor incapacity (pages 48 and 402). As these many amnesic, aphasic, agnosic, and apraxic de cits declare themselves, the patient at rst seems unchanged in overall motility, behavior, temperament, and conduct. Social graces, whatever they were, are retained in the initial phase of the illness, but troublesome alterations gradually appear in this sphere as well. Imprudent business deals may be made. Restlessness and agitation or their opposites inertia and placidity become evident. Dressing, shaving, and bathing are neglected. Anxieties and phobias, particularly fear of being left alone, may emerge. A disturbance of the normal day and night sleep patterns is prominent in some pa-
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27. Basic Dimensioning
Move hands over body as if protecting it.
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