However, the conversion of lactate to glucose requires the expenditure of 6 ATP equivalents by the liver: 2 lactate 2NAD 2 pyruvate 2NADH 2 pyruvate 2ATP 2CO2 2 oxaloacetate 2ADP 2Pi 2 oxaloacetate 2GTP 2PEP 2GDP 2Pi 2CO2 2PEP 2ATP 2NADH glucose 2ADP 2Pi 2NAD Net: 2 lactate 4ATP 2GTP 4ADP 2GDP 6Pi Each mole of glucose that goes through the Cori cycle costs the liver 6 ATP equivalents. If the Cori cycle were perfect and there were an endless supply of ATP, liver could supply glucose equivalents forever just using the same carbon atoms (6 in as lactate, 6 out as glucose). However, some of the lactate (pyruvate) in the nonliver tissues is burned to CO2 by the TCA cycle in the muscle and other tissues. It s this pool that must be replaced by fresh glucose from liver.
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Beginning at the feet of Orion and winding its way to the southern horizon and thence into unknown realms is a string of relatively dim stars. This
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The following example checks whether the Finder window you re closing is the last one open. If it is, the script opens a new Finder window to the home folder, resizes the window, and positions it in the upper-left corner of the primary monitor.
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In our walkthrough, we are installing and configuring Outlook 2000 as a new mail client; there are no previous mail clients on the machine. If there is an existing mail client, Outlook offers the option of importing the mail, list of contacts, and other information from the existing client into Outlook.
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