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Sections 1.1.2 and 7.1 outlined the aided navigation system design and analysis methodology. This section contains a short subsection that performs each step indicated in Sections 1.1.2 and 7.1 using the tools from s 2 6. The intent is to provide a rather complete presentation of the methodology, subject to design assumptions, for a very simple application. This is the same methodology and presentation format that will be used in each of the aided navigation applications considered in Part II. The navigation problem that is of interest in this subsection is stated as follows. A point is free to translate along a line with position p, velocity v, and acceleration a. Two navigation sensors are available: an accelerometer and a position sensor. The accelerometer is sampled at the high rate of f1 = 100Hz and is accurately modeled as u = a a bu 1 (7.3)
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Helpful Drawing Features
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To create a new user object: 1. Launch the Global MMC Console (Quick Launch Area | Global MMC Console). The console automatically connects to your default domain. If you need to work with a different forest or domain controller, right-click on Active Directory Users and Computers (Computer Management | Active Directory Users and Computers) and select the appropriate command to change your connection.
To rename a mailbox, identify it by its current name and set the name property to the new name. For example, the following statement renames the mailbox Odd Messages to Holding Zone:
The first program to be written will receive commands from the hand held remote control via the RF receiver module. This information will be used to control the drive motors, as required. It will not be necessary to reprogram the transmitter because the same transmission codes that were implemented for the final remote control program in 6 will be used. The robot control program will use the serin command to collect the data from the receiver module, and then make movement decisions based on that information. The differential drive allows the robot to move forward, reverse, turn left, or turn right on the spot, and to move in an arc. The control program is called turtle-receive.bas and is listed in Program 7.1. Compile turtle-receive.bas ,and then program the PIC 16F84 with the turtle-receive.hex file listed in Program 7.2. Place the PIC 16F84 into the 18-pin socket on Turtletron s main board. If you reprogrammed the PIC 16C71 in the transmitter circuit since 6, then compile turtle-trans.bas listed in Program 7.3. Program the 16C71 with the turtle-trans.hex file listed in Program 7.4, and then insert the PIC back into the 18-pin socket on the transmitter circuit board. Move the control stick on the remote control to the middle position, and then turn the power on. Turn the robot on and place it on the ground. When the control stick is moved to the forward position, the robot will move forward. With the stick moved backwards, the robot will respond by moving in reverse. With the control stick moved to the left, the robot will rotate left on the spot. The ability to rotate on the spot is one of the great things about using a differential drive system. Rotating on the spot is accomplished by rotating one wheel forward, while the other wheel rotates in reverse. With the stick moved to the right, the robot will rotate to the right on the spot. Try moving the control stick to the forward-right position. The code will alternate
Figure 6.4 (a) The table of subproblems. Entries E(i 1, j 1), E(i 1, j), and E(i, j 1) are needed to ll in E(i, j). (b) The nal table of values found by dynamic programming. (a)
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REGULATION OF INFORMATION FLOW from DNA to RNA to protein. Every aspect of the process is controlled, and alternatives are available that affect which information is expressed at what time.
CHAPTER 5 Exponents and Roots
There are two common problems that occur when using built-in functions. Some rows won't contain any values, and others will contain duplicate values. Both of these conditions can affect the calculation. You can solve these problems by using the IS NULL operator and the Distinct modifier in your query. Both of these were explained in detail previously in the chapter.
Good communication skills and teamwork are required, because checkers often work directly with both drafters and supervisors. They must be able to convey information on both verbal and visual levels.
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