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We now have a variable, RS, which contains a new instantiation of a Recordset object.
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Basic Networking
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SELECT CustomerFirstName, CustomerLastName FROM Customers
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Additional Problems
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Notice that the AutoCAD Text Window offers an Edit pull-down menu. This menu allows you to perform basic copying and pasting functions within the window. 1. Select the Edit pull-down menu from the AutoCAD Text Window.
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This section reviews the topics on numeric zero nding and numeric optimization. Section B.14.1 uses linear algebra to derive iterative algorithms to approximate the value of x such that y = g(x) = 0 when x, y Rn . This is referred to as zero nding. Section B.14.2 uses linear algebra to extend the results of Section B.14.1 to derive iterative algorithms to approximate the value of x that minimizes a cost function J(x). This is referred to as numeric optimization. The result derived in Section B.14.2 is directly related to solving the GPS measurement equations and will be used in Section 8.2.2 and Example 8.1.
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