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The interface between the GPS space and user segments consists of a two frequency (L1 = 1575.42 MHz and L2 = 1227.60 MHz) radio link. Utilizing these links, the satellites that comprise the space segment provide continuous Earth coverage, transmitting signals which provide to the user segment the ranging codes and system data needed to accomplish the GPS navigation mission. The transmitted satellite parameter set is computed and controlled by the control segment and uploaded to the satellite for broadcast to the user. The satellite signals are received and decoded by the user GPS receiver. The decoded data is available from the receiver usually via a serial link. The data decoded from the satellite signal include satellite clock calibration parameters, satellite position calculation parameters, atmospheric correction parameters, reference time, and almanac and health information for all space segment satellites. The satellite message parameter set is displayed in Table C.1. This book assumes that the reader will download the satellite parameter set into a local data structure. This appendix describes how the time variables and ephemeris data set are processed to determine clock corrections, satellite positions, and atmospheric corrections. To clearly present the main ideas, it is important to distinguish between the following time variables: tr the pseudo-time at which the receiver takes a measurement, tsv the pseudo-time at which the satellite broadcast the signal that is measured at the receiver, 485
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ACTING ON INSTINCT It seems at times that bodybuilding has forsaken truth for mysticism: if you take this magic supplement or perform this magic exercise, everything will come your way. These views no doubt persist due, in large part, to mankind s inherent desire to take the easy way out. Given a choice, most people will take the route of least resistance. They do this primarily out of instinct. As our ancestors likely discovered, the more energy people could conserve while still obtaining the desired results, the more energy would be left for other important activities relevant to survival. Modern man is no different. Let s say a prospective trainee is told by one individual that his objective of increasing his muscle mass and strength can be accomplished only through brutally hard training, which, while being of necessity brief and infrequent, is nevertheless capable of inducing feelings of nausea,
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The inferior planets go through phases like the Moon. This fact was not known to astronomers until Galileo and his contemporaries first turned spy glasses to the heavens. The phases occur for the same reason the Moon goes through phases, and they can range all the way from a thin sliver of a crescent to completely full. Figure 5-1 shows the mechanism by which an inferior planet attains its phases. The half-illuminated phases occur, in theory, at the points of maximum elongation, that is, when the angle between the planet and the Sun is greatest as seen from Earth. (In the case of Venus, this is not quite true because the thick atmosphere of that planet has a slight effect on the position of the twilight line.) The full phase of an inferior planet takes place at and near superior conjunction. When it is exactly at superior conjunction, the planet is obscured code 39 generator source
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Types of Galaxies
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An Activity is an Android application. Activities are covered in more depth in the following chapters.
Replication interval. This setting determines how often replication occurs. By default, it is set to Always Run, meaning that replication occurs whenever changes are made to the store, but other possible settings include: Run every hour Run every 2 hours Run every 4 hours Never run Use custom schedule We ll leave this setting at Always Run because it s easier to test replication this way. Replication interval for always (minutes). If you choose Always Run as your replication interval, then a value of 15 minutes should suffice. Replication message size limit (kilobytes). The default size limit for replication messages is 300 KB, but you can change it to suit the latency and speed of your network connection, especially when slower WAN links are involved. Restore defaults. If you make changes to the Limits settings on this tab, clicking this button will restore the settings to their original values of 15 minutes and 300 KB.
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bells, one in each hand, and bend over from the waist. Keeping your arms straight, and remaining in the bent-over position, lift the dumbbells toward the ceiling. When the dumbbells have reached the apex of their ascent, sustain this Max Contraction position for 45 60 seconds.
| Regional Approach to Aesthetic Rejuvenation
skin around nipples and over elbows, knees, and scrotum become evident. Cortical blindness followed in some instances. The late stages were marked by bilateral hemiplegia (at rst asymmetrical), pseudobulbar paralysis, blindness, deafness, and impairment of all higher cerebral functions. The severity of the disease varies. We are caring for two adult men in whom the cerebral symptoms have been mild, allowing for high-level cognitive achievement, albeit with peculiarities of personality, and with mild spastic gait, urinary dif culty, testicular insuf ciency, and baldness. In each family there was a male sibling who died in childhood, ostensibly of adrenal insuf ciency. Grif n and coworkers have described a spinal-neuropathic form of the disease (adrenomyeloneuropathy, AMN). In their patients, evidence of adrenal insuf ciency had been present since early childhood, but only in the third decade of life did a progressive spastic paraparesis and a relatively mild polyneuropathy develop. It should be noted that the spasticity is occasionally asymmetrical, and the gait may have an ataxic component. This neurologic picture, in mild form and without adrenal insuf ciency, is also the manner in which the disease may present in female carriers of the gene abnormality (see below). Like adrenoleukodystrophy, AMN is typically inherited as an X-linked, male-speci c trait. However, we have encountered a large family with adrenomyeloneuropathy in which males and females are both affected in a pattern that suggests dominant inheritance. The VLCFAs are modestly elevated in affected individuals, and there is no evidence of cerebral involvement. Moser and colleagues, using clinical and biochemical criteria, have identi ed the following subtypes of ALD: 1. A progressive degeneration of cerebral white matter in young males, often with cortical blindness the classic type, accounting for half of all cases (Fig. 37-10) 2. An intermediate form in juvenile or young adult males with cerebral and spinal involvement (5 percent of cases) 3. A progressive spinal cord tract degeneration in adult males (25 percent of cases) 4. A chronic mild, nonprogressive spastic paraparesis in heterozygous female carriers (10 percent of cases) 5. Familial instances of Addison disease without neurologic involvement in males (10 percent) 6. Possibly, in male infants, a form originating at birth (e.g., Zellweger disease) Illustrating the variability in presentation among kindreds, Marsden and colleagues and, subsequently, Kobayashi and coworkers described a familial spinocerebellar syndrome, and Ohno and associates have reported a sporadic instance of adrenoleukodystrophy presenting as olivopontocerebellar atrophy. Moser found cerebral forms alone in 30 percent, adrenomyeloneuropathy alone in 20 percent, and combined childhood cerebral and myelopathic forms in the remaining half. Female Heterozygotes Neurologic manifestations have been said to develop in up to 50 percent of female carriers, but in our experience with siblings of affected patients, the gure has been lower. The onset of a spastic paraparesis tends to occur later in life, usually in the third or fourth decade, and progression tends to be slow, but an explosive onset has been reported (see Chap. 44). As already mentioned, multiple sclerosis is the main consideration in differential diagnosis, particularly since 20 percent of heterozygotes have
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