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To clean manually, use a clean foam-rubber swab or lint-free cloth slightly dampened with distilled water, again following manufacturer s instructions. Most laser cartridges use tape on the cartridge to prevent movement and leakage. Make sure all packing tape is removed from a new print cartridge before installing it. There are several possible causes of blank pages produced by a laser printer. To begin with, check the toner. If the cartridge is empty, replace it. If it is not empty, try replacing the drum. Sometimes drums become unable to hold a charge after time (in some laser printer models, the toner and drum come as an integrated unit). If this does not resolve the problem, use your knowledge of the print process itself. A blank page means a failure of the toner to be attracted to the paper. Perhaps the laser did not discharge areas of the drum. It could also be that the transfer corona wire (or underlying HVPS) did not apply a positive charge to the paper. Unfortunately, these components are difficult to replace, and you could end up sending the printer to a repair shop that specializes in laser printers. Fortunately, almost all laser print problems can be resolved by changing the toner and/or drum.
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Windows systems can exhibit what is called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or, more formally, stop errors. When a BSOD occurs, it means that the operating system has been loaded but the process has hung. Usually, the BSOD will provide information about what failed. If it does not, you can start the machine in Safe mode and try reinstalling drivers. If the problem persists, you may need to turn on boot logging to determine which file is not loading properly. As a last resort, you can repair or reinstall the operating system, and that will usually fix the problem. You can get detailed information on stop errors by searching the Microsoft Support website.
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Good natural lighting and spacious rooms sell houses (courtesy of Natural Cork and More).
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Pentium Pro
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9.1. In the backtracking algorithm for SAT, suppose that we always choose a subproblem (CNF formula) that has a clause that is as small as possible; and we expand it along a variable that appears in this small clause. Show that this is a polynomial-time algorithm in the special case in which the input formula has only clauses with two literals (that is, it is an instance of 2 SAT). 9.2. Devise a backtracking algorithm for the R UDRATA specify such an algorithm you must de ne: (a) What is a subproblem (b) How to choose a subproblem. (c) How to expand a subproblem. Argue brie y why your choices are reasonable. 9.3. Devise a branch-and-bound algorithm for the (a) What is a subproblem (b) How do you choose a subproblem to expand (c) How do you expand a subproblem (d) What is an appropriate lowerbound Do you think that your choices above will work well on typical instances of the problem Why 9.4. Given an undirected graph G = (V, E) in which each node has degree d, show how to ef ciently nd an independent set whose size is at least 1/(d + 1) times that of the largest independent set. 9.5. Local search for minimum spanning trees. Consider the set of all spanning trees (not just minimum ones) of a weighted, connected, undirected graph G = (V, E). Recall from Section 5.1 that adding an edge e to a spanning tree T creates an unique cycle, and subsequently removing any other edge e = e from this cycle gives back a different spanning tree T . We will say that T and T differ by a single edge swap (e, e ) and that they are neighbors. (a) Show that it is possible to move from any spanning tree T to any other spanning tree T by performing a series of edge-swaps, that is, by moving from neighbor to neighbor. At most how many edge-swaps are needed (b) Show that if T is an MST, then it is possible to choose these swaps so that the costs of the spanning trees encountered along the way are nonincreasing. In other words, if the sequence of spanning trees encountered is T = T 0 T1 T2 T k = T , (c) Consider the following local search algorithm which is given as input an undirected graph G. Let T be any spanning tree of G while there is an edge-swap (e, e ) which reduces cost(T ): T T +e e return T Show that this procedure always returns a minimum spanning tree. At most how many iterations does it take then cost(Ti+1 ) cost(Ti ) for all i < k.
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Securing Access to Oracle BI
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14: Automating Microsoft Word
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Cell nucleus Euglena cell (with chloroplasts, mitochondria and nucleus)
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The Pentium III (PIII) processor was released in March 1999. It includes advanced multimedia instructions, called single-instruction multiple data (SIMD) technology. Its first variant, referred to as simply Pentium III, has 512KB in on-board L2 cache and uses a 100MHz system bus. The second Pentium III variant is the Pentium III B, the main improvement of which is that it uses a 133MHz system bus. The final PIII variant is the Pentium III E. The PIII E processor uses 256KB of on-board advanced transfer cache (ATC). ATC is a new technology that can increase performance by about 25 percent by including L2 cache in the processor. ATC runs at the processor speed and improves overall cache performance. Pentium III processors range in speeds from 450MHz to 1.13GHz and can include either, neither, or both of the E and B technologies. Pentium III processors are available in two forms. The first form was a 242-pin SEC; later, the PIII was released as a 370-pin PGA. The PIII SEC can use a regular Slot 1, as long as the slot supports 2.0vDC, and the PIII PGA uses a PGA370 ZIF (zero insertion force). Pentium III processors contain 9.3 million transistors and have integrated fans. Like most processors in the Pentium family, the PIII has a 64-bit data bus, a 32-bit register, a 36-bit address bus, and support 64GB of memory. The PIII also includes 32KB of L1 cache.
work, reviews of the literature, and searches of other databases. With publishing as a requirement for promotion, many four-year college and university faculty members write scholarly or scienti c articles and books. Those in the humanities may write plays, novels, or poetry. Senior faculty often administer a department while continuing to teach. Many university professors have ve responsibilities: teaching, program design and assessment, research, writing, and service. Administrative responsibilities often constitute a sixth responsibility. Many of the points made in 2 about teaching as an art and a science apply to college teaching as well as K 12 teaching. Readers may want to read those parts of 2 in conjunction with this chapter in order to get a fuller picture of the generic nature of teaching. A 1999 publication, Higher Education Trends for the Next Century, highlights trends that are effecting changes in the higher education workplace: technology, nancial hardship, more clearly focused mission statements, new forms of accountability and assessment, changing student characteristics, and a renewed commitment to student learning and development. Student affairs professionals, for example, now are engaging in more deliberate attempts to measure the effects of their work on student outcomes such as persistence, learning, intellectual and moral development, satisfaction, and commitment to citizenship. Student affairs professionals also are examining the effects of various technological applications on services to students.
The de nition of normal and abnormal states of mind is dif cult because the terms used to describe them have been given so many different meanings in both medical and nonmedical writings. Compounding the dif culty is the fact that the pathophysiology of the confusional states and delirium is not fully understood, and the de nitions depend to some extent on their clinical causes and relationships, with all the imprecision that this entails. The following nomenclature, though tentative, has proved useful to us and is employed in this and subsequent chapters throughout this book. Confusion is a general term denoting the patient s incapacity to think with customary speed, clarity, and coherence. Its most conspicuous attributes are impaired attention and power of concentration, disorientation which may be manifest or is demonstrated only by direct questioning, an inability to properly register immediate events and to recall them later, a diminution of all mental activity, including the normally constant inner ideation and sometimes by the appearance of bewilderment. Thinking, speech, and the performance of goal-directed actions are impersistent or abruptly arrested by the intrusion of irrelevant thoughts or by the slightest external stimulus. Reduced perceptiveness accompanied 355
Consider the following pair of equations: y = (x + 1)3 and y = x 3 + 2x 2 + x How can we find the real solutions to this two-by-two system
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Thermodynamics and Kinetics
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