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Once you establish a connection, you ll next want to execute commands, such as to retrieve data that you want to view. You use an OleDbCommand object to execute commands to a database. The OleDbCommand class, like the OleDbConnection class, is part of the System.Data.OleDb namespace. You instantiate an OleDbCommand object similar to how you instantiate an OleDbConnection object:
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Dealing with Incoming Attachments
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1. The Open dialog box is a control of the OpenFileDialog class. 2. You use the ShowDialog method of the OpenFileDialog class to show an Open dialog box. 3. The return value of showing an Open dialog box is either DialogResult.OK if the user chose the Open button or DialogResult.Cancel if the user chose the Cancel button. 4. The OpenFileDialog class has a FileName property whose value is a string containing the path to and the name of the file selected in the Open dialog box. 5. The Save dialog box is a control of the SaveFileDialog class. 6. You use the ShowDialog method of the SaveFileDialog class to show a Save dialog box. 7. The return value of showing a Save dialog box is either DialogResult.OK if the user chose the Save button or DialogResult.Cancel if the user chose the Cancel button. 8. The SaveFileDialog class has a FileName property whose value is a string containing the path to and the name of the file to be saved. 9. You may use the StreamReader class to read from a text file. 10. You may use the StreamWriter class to write to a text file.
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By default, AutoCAD creates associative dimensions dimensions that update automatically when you change the drawing by stretching, scaling, and so on. 1. Using the SCALE command, scale the drawing by 1.1.
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which is approximatelyfive times more accurate than for a singleapplicationof the trapezoiclal as rule (Example17.I ). The approximate errorcan be estimated oRs E" , : - l t - 2 4 0 0 ) , 1880 : 0.17-10667
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Market-capitalization weighted index. A marketcapitalization weighted index generates weighting scale from the total capitalization of its components. Companies with larger market value gain a higher weighting in the index than do smaller lower-cap companies. The S&P 500 is an example of a market-capitalization or market-value index. Many of these type of indices have changed slightly to become oating indices in which only the outstanding shares in play in the market are included. Restricted shares would remain out of the calculation. Like the price-weighted index, the total value of the outstanding shares of the index components are divided by a divisor published regularly. The divisor is designed to create a more manageable point or dollar value to the index. Without the divisor system, the point value for the S&P 500 might be ten or eleven digits. Cap-weighted indices can also be referred to as modi ed cap-weighted indices when there are limitations placed on the percentage a particular company may represent. Many of today s indices are a hybrid of oat and modi ed cap. There are other weighting standards for variations on the major indices such as total shares, earnings, and book value. There are also unweighted indices where the index assumes the same dollar amount invested in each component regardless of size. Indices are also divided by their coverage area in the market: Broad-based indices. A broad based index covers a large group of securities across many sectors in the market. The S&P 500 and Russell 2000 are examples of broad-based indices. Broad-based indices are also considered major
(10 x)(e x) = (10e)x This is an adaptation of the power of product rule from Chap. 9. Let s try a numerical example. Let x = 4. If we express the value of e to five decimal places, the left side of the above equation works out as (104)(e4) 10,000 2.718284 10,000 54.59800 545,980 and the right side becomes (10e)4 (10 2.71828)4 27.18284 545,980
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the Report Designer from regular to landscape view, you will have a better chance to accomplish this. In my opinion, it s easier to just create two Report Designer reports with the two query definitions and then go to the WAD component and use the Report Web item in conjunction with a Table Web item (a table set up with two columns and one row). This allows the display of the two Report Designer reports side by side with very little difficulty. After this, you would just have to make some minor adjustments to the formatting and the separation between the two displays to accommodate the report requirements. So, regrettably, in this case, the easiest approach to be able to place these reports in a particular position requires working in the WAD rather than in the Report Designer. In the WAD, the result is easier to accomplish, faster to configure, and easier to maintain. Since we have all these different tools at our disposal, we may as well use the appropriate tool to get this right.
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