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Administering Application Servers
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Traveling and Living in Space
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Building on Speculation the Risks and the Rewards
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Now we will assign materials to the objects in the model. Rendering combines visual styles, lighting, materials, and shadows to create a photorealistic image of the model. 1. Select the Tool Palettes button from the Palettes panel of the View tab. 2. Right-click in the title bar of the Tool Palettes and select Materials from the shortcut menu. The Tool Palettes window changes to a Materials palette, with multiple tabs of materials available. 3. Select the Woods and Plastics Material Samples tab. 4. Select the Woods Plastics.FinishCarpentry.Wood.Maple material and move the cursor into the drawing area. The cursor changes to a pick box with an artist s brush. 5. Pick the table solid. 6. Select the Metals - Materials Sample tab. 7. Select the Metals.Ornamental Metals.Copper material and pick the bowl solid. The appearance of the solids has not changed much, but when the model is rendered, you will see a difference. 8. On the Render tab, pick the Render button on the Render panel.
Figure 24-6 Graph of a quadratic function with one
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15. Press z-R or click the Run button on the toolbar to run the script. This time, it works as
universe) along with a few specific sets within it.
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