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3: Applied Auditing and Audit Vault
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The leukodystrophies that become apparent only in later life pose another problem the clinical and radiologic differentiation from cerebral forms of multiple sclerosis. In cases of early onset, in which myelin has yet to be normally formed, the metabolic disturbance may result in hypomyelination (e.g., PelizaeusMerzbacher disease); by contrast, the process in adolescent or adult-onset cases is one of destruction of myelin already formed. In identifying the metabolic diseases of myelin, one is helped by the relative symmetry and steady progression of the clinical signs; the early onset of cognitive impairment (which is uncharacteristic of multiple sclerosis); and the symmetrical and massive degeneration of the cerebral white matter (in distinction to the asymmetrical and often multiple lesions of demyelinative disease). At various times in life, particularly in young individuals, the rare vascular disorder called CADASIL enters into the differential diagnosis (see Chap. 34); late in life, distinguishing a metabolic disorder of myelin from the subcortical multiple infarctions of Binswanger disease and from the ubiquitous rarefaction of the periventricular regions of the cerebrum may be a problem. Differentiation from cerebral gliomatosis, brain lymphoma, and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, all affecting deep cerebral or white matter structures, offers less dif culty.
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11. To finish the application, add as many hotspots as you want. The following code shows
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AppleScript Constants for White Space Characters
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George Taylor in 1926. It works like this: when women s hemlines (the line formed by the outside of a skirt) were shorter, it meant women were taking more risks, which encouraged spending, which is good for the economy and the stock market. My deadline was approaching, and I had to find out if either of these indicators was valid. Obviously, I couldn t be in two places at the same time: I either had to attend a fashion show or count corrugated boxes. At 9 p.m., I arrived at the Mercedes-Benz fashion show held at a luxury hotel in Miami. This was the real deal, a first-class event with a carpeted runway platform bolted on top of the main swimming pool. Photographers, a few movie stars, reporters, and models mingled with well-known designers. Someone cranked up the music as people found their seats. I was on a very serious assignment to find out the truth about hemlines, which I explained to every model I met. Just as I sat down near the front row, my assistant called me on my cell phone. I m lost, she said. How hard is it to find a box factory Where are you I m kind of busy, I replied. I ll call you later. The lights suddenly flickered; the first show was about to begin. Men and women models walked along the brightly lit runway, heads held high, turning at just the precise moment as photographers snapped pictures. Although the models walked by rather quickly, I checked out the length of the women s hemlines. Conclusion: hemlines were very, very short. Forecast: next year is going to be great for the economy. After 20 minutes, the show ended and most people went to the after party. My research had just begun. My assistant called again. I finally found the factory, she said. Good, how many boxes did you count Count Are you kidding Maybe I need a new assistant.
First, focus on the Category lter area on the right of the dialog box. All the categories are checked, so all the properties available are listed on the left. 3. Uncheck all the checkboxes under Category lter except the box in front of Attribute. Now only the three attribute properties are listed under Properties. 4. Select (highlight) the three attributes and pick Next. Page 5 of the wizard allows you to re ne the data in the data extraction set. We want to rearrange the columns of the table into a more logical order for a bill of materials. 5. Click in the COST column heading and drag it to the far right side of the table. 6. Right-click on the DESCRIPTION column heading and select Sort Ascending. 7. Uncheck the box in front of Show count column. The preview of your table should now look similar to the table in Fig. 37-4. As you can see, you have many options for arranging the rows and columns of your table. 8. Pick the Next button. Page 6 of the wizard allows you to choose output options for the data extraction. You can insert the table in a drawing, output the data to an external
(b) Give an ef cient divide-and-conquer algorithm for greatest common divisor. (c) How does the ef ciency of your algorithm compare to Euclid s algorithm if a and b are n-bit integers (In particular, since n might be large you cannot assume that basic arithmetic operations like addition take constant time.)
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