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And Logical Operator It is common that you'll combine two logical expressions together to form a third logical expression. This probably sounds confusing, but let's take a look at an example to illustrate this technique. Suppose the visitor to your site entered "Bob" as the user ID and "Bob555" as the password. We need to ask the ASP.NET engine to determine if both are valid. Looking at the preceding example, you probably realize that we'll use a logical expression to evaluate each of them. The first logical expression is
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CHAPTER 1 Fractions
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name has been specified, it is permanent and cannot be changed afterward, so it s a good idea to decide carefully what you want the name to be before you install your first server. Beneath the Organization node (or rather within it, because this node is a container object) are various top-level containers, each of which contain other nodes (either leaf nodes or containers) and which are used to configure various aspects of Exchange. The six top-level containers displayed in our testbed deployment are as follows:
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Succeeding as an Entrepreneur
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Ml (k).
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Canis Minor
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Select the UpdatePanel that you just dragged into the editor.
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x = 1 + 2 * 3; y = (1 + 2) * 3;
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The analysis of this section is similar to that of Section, but performed in two dimensions. The two dimensions that are of interest are typically the horizontal (e.g., north and east) components. In this section, we will use the vectors w, v, x which have interpretations parallel to w, v, x from Section The vector symbol over the symbols indicates that the corresponding variable is an element of R2 . The joint horizontal position error density in the w coordinates is pw = 2 1 |P| 1 exp w P 1 w . 2 (4.130)
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Rub palms against each other.
Figure 37-1. Retinal cherry-red spot in a patient with Tay-Sachs disease. The whitish ring surrounds the dark macula. (Reproduced by permission from Lyon et al.)
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