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The long put butter y creates the same window of opportunity as the long call butter y, only on the short side of the market. To create the long put butter y, you are purchasing a put option close to the current market, selling a 2:1 ratio of out-of -the-money put options and buying a further out-of-the-money put option at an even distance from the short put options. With the put butter y, your short option strike price should be selected to provide a credit to apply to the cover put position. Let s go back to the IBM option chain and create the long put butter y. This model (shown in Figure 8.1) is created on a one-lot basis and demonstrates the risk versus reward. Remember, it doesn t matter if the purchase is 1, 100, or 1,000 options; the model remains the same with pro t and loss adjusted for quantity. If we purchase one July IBM 100 put option for 7.77 while selling two of the July 90 put options for 4.25 and then purchase one July IBM 80 put option for 2.20, we have a combined spread premium of 1.47. Calculating breakeven for the spread, you take the combined premium and subtract it from the at-the-money put option. This gives you an initial breakeven of 98.53 on the underlying IBM stock: 100 put strike price 1.47 combined premium 98.53
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36: Attributes
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In time, web applications are going to look more and more like desktop applications, and that means all types of desktop techniques will be available on the Web. For example, many desktop applications use drag-and-drop techniques you can drag icons or objects around with the mouse and drop them. And now you can drag and drop on the Web as well, thanks to Ajax, which is used behind the scenes to inform the server where you dropped what you were dragging. Figure 1-10 shows an Ajax-enabled drag-and-drop Internet application called Mosaic. The idea is that you and other people can drag and drop tiles to create a shared work of art. You can find Mosaic at As you can see, you can do a lot with Ajax, just by sending text and XML back and forth to and from the server behind the scenes. It s just too bad you re limited to working with text and XML wouldn t it be great if you could download images behind the scenes As it turns out, you can.
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time. The interviewer asked me, What do you call those bands I actually didn t have a name for them, so I said, My trading bands. Then I quickly blurted out, Bollinger Bands. And that s how they got named.
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Volatility and Trading Objectives
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Start by connecting the motor shaft mounts (pieces N and O) to the motor shafts so that the motor shafts are flush with the outer sides of the mounts when they are placed. Tighten the screw on the mounts so that each mount is secure on the motor s hex shafts. Use Figure 6.29 and Figure 6.30 as a guide to assembling the legs. Note that the leg pieces attached to the motor shaft mounts use 6/32-inch 1-inch machine screws and locking nuts. All of the others use 6/32-inch 3/4-inch machine screws and locking nuts. The foot piece machine screws and locking nuts should be as tight as possible. All of the other joints should have a 6/32 nylon washer between metal pieces, and the locking nuts
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Patient selection is similar to that of tumescent liposuction. The procedure involves the removal of fat using a laser to melt fat cells and tighten skin. Three laser wavelengths (1064 nm, 1319 nm and 1320 nm) are available, with 1064 nm being the rst to obtain FDA clearance. Less downtime and absence of the side effects associated with plain tumescent liposuction have been reported by all the manufacturers. These lasers appear to deliver effective, reproducible results safely and effec-
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,|5.5 Interpoloting Polynomiol EXAMPLE Logronge polynomial thefirst and of second ProblemStotement. Use a Lagrange interpolating data: orderto evaluate density unused the of motoroil at T : 15'C based thefollowing on rr :0 r::20 .{::40 f(xr):3.85 l(.r:):0.gtlO f(rt):0.212
category. First, the Map Web item in the Advanced category includes a large amount of configuration that is non-Web application functionality (configuration using GIS), making its coverage beyond the scope of the book. For more information, check out my book SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting (McGraw-Hill/Professional, 2008). Second, the Chart Web item (configuration using Excel Chart objects) in the Standard group will be discussed in the following chapter.
Table 7.2: General comparison of computational load for the navigation systems of Sections 7.1 and 7.4. Typically, ne < nt and f2 << f1 . Section 7.1 State dimension Time Update Measurement Update 5 O(125)
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