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Next, you will need to locate a plastic or cardboard tube approximately 31 2 to 4 long by 2 in diameter on which to wind your coil. Punch a hole at both ends of the tube about 1 2 from the actual end of the tube. Start winding the coil at one end of the tube using #24 ga. enameled wire, leave about 6 of wire free at the first hole to allow connection to the circuit. Wind the coil with each winding touching the previous winding but not overlapping the prior winding. Wind about 150 turns of wire across the length of the tube. After winding about 150 turns take the free end of the remaining wire and put it through the last punched hole, leave about 6 of wire so you can connect the coil to the circuit. When you are finished winding the coil, you can varnish the coil winding or just spray Krylon around the coil to keep the winding close to the coil, so they won t spread out or come loose. Fasten the coil to a 6 6 wood block; you can mount the coil upright as shown in Figure 4-3, or you can lay the coil down near one edge of the wood block and secure it to the block with some brackets or clips. You will have to use a knife and scrape off the enameled insulation of the two coil wires before you can fasten or solder them to the tuning capacitor. Now fasten the tuning capacitor to the wood block near the coil assembly, and wire the coil in parallel with the tuning capacitor. Next locate a germanium diode; make sure you use only a germanium diode and not the more common silicon diode. Remember to observe the correct polarity when connecting the diode in the circuit, the black to white colored band is the cathode lead. The cathode end of the diode points to the headphone in the circuit diagram. The anode side of the diode connects to one end of the tank or coil/capacitor and the cathode side of the diode connects to capacitor C2 and one end of the high impedance headphones. The free end of the headphones connects to the remaining end of the capacitor at C2 which connects to the free end of the tank circuit. You can connect the headphones via a terminal strip, a Fahnestock clip or headphone jack mounted on the wood block. Crystal radios generally require high impedance headphones, so you must use either a small crystal headphone or a pair of older high impedance (2000) ohm headphones; these are still available through EBAY or from Antique Electronics. You could elect to build the radio using a galena crystal, with a cat s whisker instead of the germanium
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The electroencephalographic examination, for many years a standard laboratory procedure in the study of all forms of cerebral disease, has to a large extent been supplanted by CT and MRI. Nevertheless, it continues to be an essential part of the study of patients with seizures and those suspected of having seizures. It is also used in evaluating the cerebral effects of many systemic metabolic diseases, in the study of sleep, and in the operating room to monitor cerebral activity in anesthetized patients. For a few diseases, such as subacute spongiform encephalopathy, it can be the de ning laboratory test. It is described here in some detail, since it cannot suitably be assigned to any other single chapter. The electroencephalograph records spontaneous electrical ac-
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Identity Management
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Hello World! on Linux
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THE TWO CH2CO 2 ARMS OF CITRATE ARE NOT IDENTICAL, and the enzyme aconitase can tell them apart. The CH2CO 2 arm that was derived from acetyl-CoA (*) is not metabolized to CO2 during the first turn of the TCA cycle.
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Oracle Database Vault
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next few days, he took it out on the players. The Packers all wrote down his anniversary date, so they could be sure to remind him the next time it came around.
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Let s Get Technical
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Android: A Programmer s Guide
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Absolute value Imagine the number reflector from Chap. 3 as a flat plane perpendicular to the number line and passing through 0, as shown in Fig. 4-1. Every number is a certain distance above or below the number reflector. The distance of an integer from the number reflector is called the absolute value of the integer. To denote absolute value, you enclose a numeral or expression between vertical lines. The absolute value of 2 is written |2|, and the absolute value of 3 is written | 3|. If you have any quantity, no matter how complicated, you can always indicate its absolute value by putting vertical lines on either side of the set of symbols that represents it. There s no such thing as negative absolute value, because it is an expression of distance without taking direction into account. To say that a number has an absolute value of 3 is like saying that your house is 3 miles from your cousin s house on the other side of town. That s nonsense! You can talk about direction as well as distance. Then negative values are possible. When you move or travel over a certain distance in a certain direction, it is called displacement, and it can be positive or negative. It can even go off in other directions, such as west, or straight up, or toward the sun, or toward your cousin s house. The absolute value of any natural number (or nonnegative integer) is equal to that natural number. The absolute value of any negative integer is its image in the number reflector. If
that is modeled as i,m (p) = R(p, pi ) R(p, pm ) + i,m (8.47)
A pseudo-class that returns a file object. This is not a class; rather, it enables you to evaluate a POSIX file specifier. A number that can include a fractional part A collection of labeled properties that you access by label rather than by position An object that refers to another object A three-item list of integer values in the range 0 65535 giving the red, green, and blue components of a color An AppleScript script
ASM automatically stripes files across multiple physical disks, which increases the access performance by spreading I/O over multiple disk heads. This placement avoids excessive hot spots in disk files, and also contributes to better I/O performance. ASM normally creates stripes based on the size of the allocation unit (AU) assigned to a disk group, but for some files, such as redo logs, ASM stripes are smaller to reduce I/O latency on these crucial files. The I/O performance produced by ASM is roughly equivalent to the performance of a raw partition, without having the more extensive management overhead of raw storage. In some cases, such as a stretch cluster, where nodes of a cluster are widely separated, ASM can give better performance by reading from a more local mirrored copy of data, rather than trying to access the primary copy at a more distant location. This capability is configured by means of an initialization parameter. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 introduced a new performance feature for ASM called Intelligent Data Placement. A disk is circular, which means that the outer tracks of the disk are moving faster than the inner tracks, resulting in faster read times for data on the outer tracks. You can specify that data for a file or an entire disk group is either on the outside or inside of the disk, providing better performance for the outer sections. This Intelligent Data Placement works well with two disk groups, one for data and one for the Fast Recovery Area (FRA), which is used for backups. The FRA can go on the inner tracks of the disk, ceding the better-performing sections to the data disk groups that are in active production use.
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