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The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the protocol of choice for Internet connections. TCP/IP is actually a series of tools and protocols that are designed to connect disparate or dissimilar systems together for communications. The two primary protocols used in TCP/IP are TCP and IP. TCP primarily focuses on moving data between applications, while IP primarily focuses on moving While you will not be data between computers (also known as hosts). expected to know much detail about these There are several configuration settings that settings, you should know where they are need to be set properly for TCP/IP to work set, what they mean, and how to configure correctly. These include the gateway, subnet them in the Windows 9x and Windows mask, IP address, and DNS settings. This section 2000/XP environment. briefly describes these settings.
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Diagnosing and Troubleshooting
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WAP: A Beginner s Guide
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function downloadText(url, callbackFunction) { var XMLHttpRequestObject = false; if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { XMLHttpRequestObject = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else if (window.ActiveXObject) { XMLHttpRequestObject = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } if(XMLHttpRequestObject) { . . . } }
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This problem arises frequently in connection with both hysteria and sociopathy and the physician should know how to deal with it. It is not a medical diagnosis except under the rare circumstances in which a patient is caught in the act of producing a sign of disease or confesses to having done so. The term malingering refers to the conscious and deliberate feigning of illness or disability in order to attain a desired goal. It does not appear as an isolated phenomenon, and its occurrence must be interpreted as a sign of a serious personality disturbance, often one that prevents effective work or military service, as a means of obtaining recompense for an alleged injury, although noteworthy exceptions to this statement can be found. In the malingerer one may observe pain, hyperesthesia, anesthesia, limping gait, tremor, contracture, paralysis, amaurosis, deafness, stuttering, mutism, amnesia, pseudoconvulsions and fugues, unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding, and unexplained skin lesions in short, the same array of symptoms and signs, singly or in combination, as in the patients with compensation hysteria. Certainly there is a similarity between hysteria and malingering, but the nature of the relationship is nebulous, and there may be great dif culty in establishing a clinical differentiation. As Jones and Llewellyn have observed: Nothing . . . resembles malingering more than hysteria; nothing, hysteria more than malingering. In both alike we are confronted with the same discrepancy between fact and statement, objective sign and subjective symptom the outward aspect of health seemingly giving the lie to all the alleged functional disabilities. We may examine the hysterical person and the malingerer, using the same tests, and get precisely the same results in one case as the other. Most authors cite the following as the main points of difference between the two conditions: (1) The conscious or unconscious quality of the motivation, which seems more unconscious in the hysteria patient and more conscious in the malingerer. (2) The in uence of persuasion, which is usually effective in hysteria and not in the malingerer. (3) The attitude of the patient. The hysteria patient appears more genuinely ill and invites examination; the malingerer seems less ill and evades examination. The tendency of the sociopath to malinger has already been mentioned. Most of the more obvious cases of malingering seen by the present authors have been in sociopaths, for which reason discussions of the two conditions have been juxtaposed. A particular form of sociopathy or malingering, which consists essentially of systematically and speci cally deceiving the medical profession, has been described as Munchausen s syndrome named (not altogether aptly) after a seventeenth-century German soldier, Baron von Munchausen, who invented incredible tales of adventure and daring. Ireland and colleagues, who analyzed 59 well-documented cases (45 men, 14 women), list the following characteristic features, which will be recognized at once by all neurologists with extensive hospital experience: feigned severe illness of a dramatic and emergency nature; factitious evidence of disease, surreptitious interference with diagnostic procedures, or self-mu-
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William Grey Walter built the first robotic turtles in the late 1940s. His work in robotics was an extension of his research in neurophysiology. Walter s studies of the brain and its neural networks led him to wonder about what type of behavior could be created using just a few neurons. To experiment with this concept, in 1948, Walter built a three-wheeled turtle-like mobile robot that
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15: Automating Microsoft Excel
Dividing complex numbers When you want to divide a complex number by another complex number, things get a little messy. You won t have to do this very often, but if you ever find yourself faced with
Our example of the notional architecture is somewhat contrived because we are aiming to make use of the Oracle Database sample schemas used throughout this book, but it is simple enough to help describe the methodology and has enough variety to help us demonstrate the practices and procedures from more than one example. Figure 6-1 shows a Unified Modeling Language (UML) component diagram that depicts the notional software architecture that is being constructed. Like a lot of software implementations in the past, the idea for the system probably started on a whiteboard, the back of napkin, or a scrap of paper in a conversation between two executives or a line of business managers. It was much cruder than the illustration in Figure 6-1, but the executives were more concerned about organizational efficiency, return on investment, and other important business matters than security. The next day (or month), they obtained the approvals for a budget and gathered all their functional analysts and technical personnel to begin laying out the
These functions are tested in detail if the patient s history or behavior during the general examination has provided a reason to suspect some defect. Questions should then be directed toward determining the patient s orientation in time and place and insight into his current medical problem. Attention, speed of response, ability to give relevant answers to simple questions, and the capacity for sustained and coherent mental effort all lend themselves to straightforward observation. Useful bedside tests of attention, concentration, memory, and clarity of thinking include the repetition of a series of digits in forward and reverse order, serial subtraction of 3s or 7s from 100, recall of three items of information or a short story after an interval of 3 min, and naming the last six presidents or prime ministers. The patient s account of his recent illness, medical consultations, dates of hospitalization, and his dayto-day recollection of medical procedures, meals, and other incidents are excellent tests of memory; the narration of the illness and the patient s choice of words (vocabulary) provide information about his intelligence and coherence of thinking. Many other tests can be devised for the same purpose. Often the examiner can obtain a better idea of the clarity of the patient s sensorium and soundness of intellect by using these few tests and noting the manner in which he deals with them than by relying on the score of a formal intelligence test. If there is any suggestion of a speech or language disorder, the nature of the patient s spontaneous speech should be noted. In addition, his ability to read, write, and spell, execute spoken commands, repeat words and phrases spoken by the examiner, name objects and parts of objects, and solve simple arithmetical problems should be assessed. The ability to carry out commanded tasks (praxis) has great salience in the evaluation of several aspects of cortical function. Bisecting a line, drawing a clock or the oor plan of one s home or a map of one s country, and copying gures are useful tests of visuospatial perception and are indicated in cases of suspected cerebral disease. The testing of language, cognition, and other aspects of higher cerebral function are considered in Chaps. 21, 22, and 23.
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