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Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata
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12. C. The function of a WINS server is to translate IP addresses into computer names. This is similar to the function of a DNS server, except that a WINS server is able to keep track of which computers have been assigned which IP addresses in a DHCP environment. A, to assign IP addresses to computers on a network, is incorrect because this is the function of a DHCP server. The WINS server keeps track of which computers have been assigned which IP addresses, but it cannot assign addresses itself. B, to supply and transfer HTML pages, is incorrect. HTML pages are supplied by web servers on the Internet and are transferred using HTTP. D, to establish and maintain a dial-up connection, is incorrect because this is the function of your computer s analog modem. 13. C. You can use the Ping utility. This will report the transmission times between your computer and the Internet server and will report the amount of packet loss (if any). If the transmission times are low and there is no packet loss, you should assume that the speed problem is originating within your own computer. If transmission times are high and there is significant packet loss, you can assume that your Internet connection is slow because data packets are taking a long time to travel from the server to your computer. A, IPCONFIG, and B, WINIPCFG, are incorrect because these utilities are used to view your computer s current IP address and the IP addresses of the gateway, WINS server, and DNS server (if they exist). D, Trace Route, is incorrect because this utility reports the servers that are being used to relay data between your computer and a specified Internet server, but it does not report on the fitness of the connection or the amount of packet loss. 14. C. The site will not support streaming media. The URL ftp://ftp.blitz.ca indicates an FTP site. FTP supports fast file transfers but cannot support HTML-based components such as graphics, links to other sites, or streaming media. A, the site is served by the Blitz company, is incorrect because there is no way of knowing the relationship between the domain name and the organization until you visit the site. Although this site could be provided by a company called Blitz, it is conceivable that anyone could use this domain name, as long as the name was approved and purchased from InterNIC. B, it is most likely a Canadian website, is incorrect. Although the ca extension indicates that it is Canadian, the ftp identifies this as an FTP site, not a website. D, the URL is using an invalid syntax, is incorrect. URLs contain the data transfer method, followed by a colon and two forward slashes, followed by the domain name. The URL given here has a valid syntax. 15. A. The function of the Windows Trace Route utility is to display the servers used to relay data between your computer and a specified Internet server. Depending on where you are located, you will use a number of different servers to access a particular Internet server. These intermediary servers can be identified by the Trace Route utility.
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The book starts with a discussion of the new technologies that were added since the completion of the first book, such as transparent data encryption, audit vault, and database vault. From there, we move out, first to the application server infrastructure and identity and access management. This information is important to understanding what other things an application developer and security administrator need to know when constructing security-conscious applications. We next move out to APEX and finally the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite (OBI). APEX is a popular platform for developing light-to-medium weight Oracle Database applications. Its popularity is driven by the fact that it is free to use and is tightly integrated with the database, thereby allowing any DB-knowledgeable person to create powerful and elegant database applications. This is a sweet spot, as many database gurus are not too familiar with other development platforms. APEX also represents a popular application architecture. It deploys to the Web, and the application developers and users can connect to the database using shared and proxy schemas. APEX also manages much of the application-level security itself. Both of these aspects make APEX a prime case study and valuable aid in understanding how to work with those types of architectures. OBI is popular and represents a standard way that people interact with Oracle Database. Learning the integration and synchronization points between the BI server and the Oracle Database security technologies proves a valuable, and more importantly, a repeatable lesson in securely connecting applications to the database. In 1 we explain our top motivation for writing this book namely, technology changes have been made to match developer and user behaviors for building and using secure database applications. This is a major theme behind the new technologies discussed. The discussion then moves to the primary drivers for security. These security motivators are important because they imply what needs to be done to secure your database applications. More importantly, they identify the design and business goals that need to be satisfied to ensure that the applications meet an acceptable level of security standards. Put another way, the motivators help you define your business and technical targets. If you cannot reach specific goals, you cannot determine whether you have achieved success. You need to be able to answer the question, Is it secure enough To do this, you must understand what you need to accomplish and why. Your job is to ensure that the applications and security implementations are aimed at the proper targets and thereby satisfy your business and technical goals.
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When you add the GridView control, a GridView Tasks pane displays, as shown in Figure 15-19. You may accept the default values in this pane. However, using the Properties window, rename the GridView control (using its ID property) dgvData to keep its name consistent with the DataGridView control in the Windows application, because we are attempting to port the code from the Windows application to this web application.
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LESSONS FOR TODAY As pointed out in 7, my father exercised an extraordinary degree of power within the Packer organization. Also, as
If you ever encounter a problem while you are developing an Android application, the first place you should look for an answer is the Android developers forum at http://code.google.com/android/groups.html. There are discussion groups for beginners, developers, and hackers, and a general-issue discussion group. Given that Android is such a new platform, the Android developers forum is one of the few places to find comprehensive, reliable information about developing for the product.
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For clients to access public folders within the default public-folder tree, this default tree must be hosted somewhere. When you install your first Exchange server, two data stores are automatically created within the First Storage Group in the information store on that server. These two data stores are the default mailbox store and the default public-folder store. The default public-folder store hosts the default public-folder tree so clients can immediately access this tree. You can create additional public-folder stores on your Exchange servers, but each public-folder store can host one and only one publicfolder tree, and each store on the same server must be assigned a different public-folder tree to host. There are advantages and disadvantages to adding stores, which we will discuss below.
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