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If the a frame is rotating with respect to the b frame, the rate of change of pb can be expressed as in eqn. (2.59): dpb dt dpb dt dpb dt = = = d b + dt d b dra Ra ra + Rb a dt dt
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might excel in bear markets, such as natural resources and gold. So depending upon the market s trend, the right sectors need to be chosen, otherwise large losses may result. Interestingly, in 2002 not one of the S&P sector categories made it into the plus column. This may be a rare occurrence, but it can happen. Fidelity is well known for being the pioneer in sector funds; they dub their sector funds Fidelity Select Portfolios. Their first few sector funds came out in July 1981, with additional funds being launched in the mid-1980s, and a few more added in the last few years. Currently, the Select Portfolios consist of 41 sector funds and one money market fund. This large selection makes Fidelity the largest sector fund player in the industry. Fidelity Select funds have a 3 percent front-end load. But the fee can be avoided, if you stay within the Select funds when you sell one fund to buy another. There is also a 0.75 percent redemption fee, and a $7.50 exchange fee, if you sell before 30 days. Fidelity does not encourage market timing, and it may restrict your trading, if you trade too often. One benefit of investing in sector funds is Fidelity s practice of pricing these funds every hour. So investors who call at 9:40 A.M., for example, receive the 10:00 A.M. price. This practice offers great flexibility in a volatile market. Additionally, Fidelity offers investors the ability to short 11 of its Select Portfolios. So in a bear market this option should prove useful. Hourly pricing is available with these funds as well. Individual Select Portfolios have up years and down years. Therefore, any investment in these type of funds must be based on a well-conceived and consistently performing strategy. Complete information about these funds is available at or by calling Fidelity at 800-343-3548. Other mutual funds families that offer sector funds include Vanguard (, INVESCO (, Rydex (, 17 sectors), and ProFunds (, 21 leveraged sector funds). Market Timing with Sector Funds Sector funds offer the experienced and aggressive investor a way to capture significant profits, but only when these funds are purchased and sold at the right time. Timing is extremely critical with these funds; otherwise, you could suffer losses from which you might take
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YOUNGER DS, ROWLAND LP, LATOV N, et al: Motor neuron disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Relation of high CSF protein content to paraproteinemia and clinical syndromes. Neurology 40:595, 1990. YUASA T, OHAMA E, HARAYAMA H, et al: Joseph s disease: Clinical and pathological studies in a Japanese family. Ann Neurol 19:152, 1986. ZEMAN W: Pathology of the torsion dystonias (dystonia musculorum deformans). Neurology 20(No 11, Pt 2):79, 1970.
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This probability of error drops exponentially fast, and can be driven arbitrarily low by choosing k large enough. Testing k = 100 values of a makes the probability of failure at most 2 100 , which is miniscule: far less, for instance, than the probability that a random cosmic ray will sabotage the computer during the computation!
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Hey, Tunnell objected, surprised. It s not even 11 yet. Yes, Emlen, my father said, in a slightly less stern tone of voice. But you know you can t be in bed with your clothes off by 11. They both laughed, Tunnell went off to bed and the fine stuck.
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10. Click the OK button to close the dialog box. 11. Save the script under a name of your choice. 12. Now try using the subroutine from a tell block. Make the changes shown in boldface
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Testing of Conjugate Gaze
ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner s Guide
discover spatial relationships, and these operators perform best when used with a special function-based index called a spatial index. In addition to geographic data points, the Oracle Spatial option includes support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data standard for storing metadata about relationships between people, places, and objects, known as triples. Spatial indexes and RDF indexes rely on the extensible indexing capability of the database in the same way Oracle Text indexes do, so attempting to create spatial indexes with DBV installed results in the same type of error we encountered with Oracle Text:
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