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behavior of a crowd of people. It s a herd mentality. Crowds will tend to follow each other and want to do the same thing together. Raschke notes there is a middle part where the crowds can be correct, but not for long. You want to be careful when the crowd gets crowded, she says. She explains this concept with the following example: Let s say a stock has rallied up for two days. If you ask people about that stock, more than 50 percent will say it has an upside bias, that the stock is going higher the next day. There is a school of thought called behavioral finance that explains why people develop biases. What is interesting, she says, is there is only a 50-50 chance the stock will be up the third day. People have a built-in bias toward whatever the most recent movement was. These biases aren t necessarily grounded in logic or rational. In general, the decision making of most people tends to be flawed. And it is this collective psychology, she notes, that repeatedly shows up as a pattern on a chart or in a sentiment reading. When the sentiment readings begin hitting extremes in either direction, you want to be a contrarian, she recommends. It doesn t mean you step in front of the train, but you look for other signs the market will go in the opposite direction. Specifically, Raschke, as well as other traders, believes that the sentiment survey readings give important clues as to crowd psychology. It s also wise, she suggests, to listen to what the markets are telling you: If all of a sudden you saw there was only a 20 percent bearish reading, that would be a warning sign everybody s already long. There s no new money coming into the market. You would assume the market was ripe for a correction. Raschke says that obviously you wouldn t make trading decisions based solely on sentiment surveys, but you would want to consult the chart for other clues, such as support and resistance or a break in the trendline. Our job as traders is to analyze things and see if there are warning signs, Raschke says. It s not a 100 percent science; there is definitely some art to it. But the art comes from experience. If a radiologist is reading an X ray, the more experience he has, the more confident he will feel in his diagnosis. What you should be wary of, according to Raschke, is conducting your own informal interviews: Just because the friends 2d barcode generator
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Question 21-8
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Oracle Identity Manager
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ADC 3: Dataq DI-194RS/ DI-154RS starter kits
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Off and Running with Signs | 85
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Advanced Options Trading
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The Business of Green Building
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and 0 is the 3 1 vector. In an alternative approach, a similarity transform could be used to transform the error state, F and matrices so that the error state included pe instead of p. Note that the north error n and east error e are not the horizontal error in vehicle position in geographic frame; instead, they are the error in the location of the origin of the geographic frame. Lever Arm Compensation
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Okay, that s the overview. Time to put the DOM to work.
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