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called a parsec (a contraction of parallax second). The word parsec is abbreviated pc and is equivalent to approximately 3.26 light-years. Sometimes units of kiloparsecs (kpc) and megaparsecs (Mpc) are used to express great distances in the Universe; in this scheme, 1 kpc 1,000 pc 3,260 light-years, and 1 Mpc 1 million pc 3.26 million light-years. Now, finally, intergalactic distances become credible. The nearest visible object outside our Solar System is the Alpha Centauri star system, which is 1.4 pc away. There are numerous stars within 20 to 30 pc of Earth. The standard distance for measuring absolute visual magnitude is 10 pc. The Milky Way is 30 kpc in diameter. The Andromeda galaxy is 670 kpc away. And on it goes, out to the limit of the observable Universe, somewhere around 3 billion pc, or 3,000 Mpc.
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The four stomach chambers of the cud-chewing cow.
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To delete a task, identify it by its name property or, if you know the id property or the GUID property, use one of those for greater certainty. For example, the following statement deletes the task named Clear out the filing cabinet, identifying it by the name property:
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Next, the Nasdaq 100 (NDX6%) strategy was tested over a 13-year period, November 11, 1990, through November 29, 2002 its entirety. This weekly strategy produced an annual return of 22.34 percent, with a net profit of $599,337, for a cumulative return of 599.3 percent. This compares with buy-and-hold which had cumulative return of 220.8 percent, with a net profit of $220,790. Although only 47 percent of the 55 trades were profitable, the ratio of winning trades to losing trades was 2.38, and the profit factor of 2.13, made this strategy a winner. All the years produced positive returns and the equity curve parallels the NC6% curve. I used TradeStation to run an optimization of the parameters and found that the 6 percent buy and sell signals actually provided one of the most profitable combinations. Only two strategies did better than the 6 percent strategy. The 5 percent off the low and 6 percent off the high strategy earned a profit of $770,317, and the 5 percent off the low and 8 percent off the high earned a profit of $721,387. I was curious to see how the NDX6% did in comparison to the NC6% over the same time period and found that the NDX6% earned about $51,000 more in profit than the NC6% strategy ($599,337, compared to $548,663). I also ran the actual VL4% daily strategy over the same 13-year time period and it came out with a profit of only $363,682.
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We ll enable diagnostic logging for the information store on Box16 at the Maximum level and see what happens when a user logs on to his or her mailbox using Outlook Web Access (OWA). First open Event Viewer on Box16 and clear all events in the Application and System logs. Now open System Manager and open the Properties Sheet for Box16 under the Servers container in the Seattle administrative group. Switch to the Diagnostic Logging tab (Figure 24.6).
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Based on Fig. 20-1, and on the descriptions given so far, what type of relation is the mapping between B and C
B E x We b A n a l y z e r R e p o r t i n g F u n c t i o n a l i t y
At the level of abstraction of Figure 4.8, Dijkstra s algorithm is structurally identical to breadth- rst search. However, it is slower because the priority queue primitives are computationally more demanding than the constant-time eject s and inject s of BFS. Since makequeue takes at most as long as |V | insert operations, we get a total of |V | deletemin and |V | + |E| insert/decreasekey operations. The time needed for these varies by implementation; for instance, a binary heap gives an overall running time of O((|V | + |E|) log |V |).
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Several examples of each of these components are provided in this text. All examples can be downloaded from the Downloads page at www.OraclePressBooks.com. In this chapter, several authentication schemes are discussed. An Oracle BI repository is provided for each authentication method covered. The Oracle BI metadata, contained in a file with a .rpd extension, is often referred to as the RPD. The data model in each RPD is identical and is designed to run off the Sales History (SH) sample schema provided with the Oracle Database. A collection of reports and dashboards are also provided. The definitions of the reports and dashboards are stored in a web catalog. The sample web catalog provided with this book consists of three dashboards: The SH dashboard illustrates how data can be protected. The Utilities dashboard offers some tools for accessing variables and testing security settings. The Audit dashboard is a combination of the database auditing discussed in 14 and the usage tracking reports provided with Oracle BI.
The reactants, on the left, are a carbonyl oxygen atom that, in the absence of any other hydrogen-bond donor, forms a hydrogen bond to water, and a hydrogen from an amide that is also hydrogen-bonded to water. The reaction involves bringing the C O and HN-groups together, breaking the two hydrogen bonds to water, and then forming a new hydrogen bond between the C O and HN-groups and a new hydrogen bond involving the two water molecules. Will this reaction happen Let s look at the enthalpy change. We have two hydrogen bonds on the left and two hydrogen bonds on the right. They re between different species, but the overall reaction is just a rearrangement of hydrogen bonds without actually changing the number. One would think that the H for this reaction should be near zero, and it is. But if we re talking about a hydrogen bond forming in a protein in which the carbonyl oxygen and the amide nitrogen are positioned at a good distance and angle for hydrogen-bond formation, or if the hydrogen-bond donor or acceptor is charged, one of the hydrogen bonds that s formed could be a little bit stronger than the ones involving water. The H could be a little bit negative. Now try entropy. On the left side of the reaction, the hydrogen-bond donors and acceptors are free to move through three-dimensional space independently. They are free. There is some restriction, however, because they are interacting with a water molecule. But water molecules are everywhere, and only a small number of the total water molecules have restricted motion. The left side of the reaction is reasonably disorganized. The right side of the reaction has the peptide hydrogen-bond donor and acceptor forming a hydrogen-bonded complex. In this complex, the
In the previous chapter we mentioned that you can configure replication settings at the public-folder store level. The settings you configure at this level apply by default to all public folders in a given store. Let s configure replication settings for the default public-folder store on BOX14. Start System Manager and expand the console tree as follows: Vancouver administrative group Servers Box14 CriticalSG storage group Public Folder Store (Box14). Right-click this default public-folder store and select Properties and then switch to the Replication tab (Figure 18.10).
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