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CHAPTER 10 Helper Forms
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To create a new task that appears in your To Do list in Mail s Reminders category, you need to use iCal rather than Mail. iCal uses the todo class to represent a task. Table 13-10 explains the properties of the todo object. To create a new task, use a make new todo command in iCal. Tell iCal where to place the new item for example, at the end of todos of a particular calendar and use a with properties parameter to set essential properties such as the summary and the due date.
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Table 23-3
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Operator Precedence
If everything behaved itself, and cookies are supported on your WAP gateway, you should now be able to log on with one of the user names and passwords that you have entered into the Users table, and get the message Welcome xxx ! You are now logged in. The xxx is the user s name as retrieved from the database. Let s break this code down and see how it works. The line
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Figure 9-9 Woof! I make this look good!
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