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Indiana Ball State University (B.L.A., M.L.A.) Department of Landscape Architecture College of Architecture and Planning Muncie, IN 47306 bsu.edu/cap
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Figure 8-23 Privacy is a thing of the past with this device
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(a) Design a Kalman lter by specifying the stochastic model pa rameters and initial conditions: x(0), P(0), F, Q, , H, , Qd, and R. (b) Angular rate and angle measurement data are posted on the website for the book. i. Implement the equations that integrate u to compute . ii. Implement the Kalman lter that uses y to estimate . Use this estimate to correct . Plot the residual measurements and the standard deviation of the residual measurements at the measurement time instants. (c) Compare the actual and predicted performance of the system based on the analysis of the residuals. Exercise 7.2 For the system de ned in Exercise 7.1, the error dynamic equations are time invariant. The error state is observable from the residual measurement and controllable from the process noise. A stable steady state lter exists. The steady-state gain K can be found by a variety of methods, one of which is running the covariance simulation until steadystate is approximately achieved. 1. Find the steady-state gain K of the Kalman lter. 2. Perform covariance analysis for the time-varying lter of Exercise 7.1 and for the steady-state lter. Discuss the performance (transient and steady-state) and computational tradeo s. Exercise 7.3 For the system of Section 7.2.6: 1. Complete an observability analysis of the error state x for the sensor suite being used for t > 50s. Relate the results of this observability analysis to the results shown in Figures 7.4 7.5. 2. For t [0, 100], complete an error budget analysis similar to that in Figures 7.2 and 7.3 for the case of the additional velocity sensor. Exercise 7.4 This exercise discusses a simpli ed aircraft instrument landing system (ILS). The objective of this exercise is to estimate the lateral deviation d and its rate of change d. The aircraft is assumed to be ying at a known constant speed v = 200km/hr. The ILS is assumed to supply to the aircraft a signal dk = dk + k + nk (7.32)
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your calling. Career is derived from the French word for racetrack, which brings to mind the image of horses racing in endless circles getting nowhere. The vocation or the purpose endures; the career most likely goes through dramatic evolutions, sometimes forced upon you by outside circumstances. Vince Lombardi was both lucky and unlucky when it came to finding his purpose in life. Coming out of college, he had no idea what he wanted to do next. He tried law school and hated that. He worked for a collection company. Then he got a call from a former college teammate, asking him to come and help coach football at St. Cecilia s High School in Englewood, New Jersey. It was a call that turned out to be a calling.
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146 $43,668.18 $9,958.90 $0.00 2.98 2.21 0.79 1.30 1.66 $4,274,869.56 $6,439,144.31 ($2.164,274.74) Open Position Interest Earned Commission Paid 42.27% 4.06 13.52% 4274.87% 155.52% 968.40% 4274.87% $2,980,030.80 $5,433,518.92 ($2,453,488.12) Percent in the market Select Net Profit Select Gross Profit Select Gross Loss Profit factor Adjusted profit factor Sharpe Ratio Return Retracement Ratio K-Ratio RINA Index 16.96 93.76% $488,376.36 $2.652,651.10 ($2,164,274.74) 97 $44,070.82 $244,237.22 Avg. trade 1 STDEV Coefficient of variation $288,308.04 / ($200,166.40) 554.19%
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International Association of Lighting Designers The Merchandise Mart, Suite 9 104 Chicago, IL 60654 iald.org International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Of cials 20001 E. Walnut Dr. S. Walnut, CA 91789 iapmo.org International Building Performance Simulation Association Member Services Of cer, Energy Systems Laboratory Department of Architecture Texas A&M University System College Station, TX 77843 ibpsa.org International Code Council 5203 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600 Falls Church, VA 22041 intlcode.org International Council on Monuments and Sites International Facility Management Association 1 E. Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77046 ifma.org International Federation for Housing and Planning Secretariat Wassenaarseweg 43 2596 CG The Hague The Netherlands ifhp.org
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