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As an owner of a small architecture rm, my duties are somewhat different from an architect who works for someone else s rm. A small rm changes what is required of the architect. Everything that goes on in our rm must be done by one of the three of us, so we each have to wear several hats. The only exception to this statement is accounting, which is done by our bookkeeper. I work on all the projects that come into the of ce. Because we tend to specialize in acoustic design or accessibility, my work is usually involved in residential or commercial recording studios, home theaters, lm rooms, audio or video facilities, accessibility renovations, or new universal design (architectural design for people with differing physical needs). We work on projects that are altered or built new for wheelchair users (and other mobility devices), sight- or hearing-impaired users, and for people who are not able to use stairs or other physical barriers. When we design, one of the three of us usually assumes more of a lead role depending on the project. If the project is acoustical, I usually make rst contact with the client and begin the information-gathering process. The client often comes to our of ce for the rst meeting and discusses all of his or her project wants and needs. If the project is a new recording studio, we discuss how many rooms the client wants, the equipment the client uses, the acoustical parameters he or she wants us to follow, the look and feel of the building, the number and types of people that will use the building, and all of the other issues that will affect the design. The next step usually involves a design session with just the three of us. We sit down and begin to sketch the building s layout. We think about sight lines (seeing from room to room), ergonomics, movement of people through the spaces, sizes for equipment, light, and the feel and sound of the rooms. When we have one or more oor plan ideas for how the building might work, we meet again with the client. We think about how the building works in three dimensions. Do the rooms have high ceilings, are the ceilings at or sloped, what will the rooms feel like, and so on. If the project were a house instead of a recording studio, we would think about how the house looks from the outside: its height, how is it massed, and how it sits on the site. We have to research building codes and other legal requirements of the municipality and state. When we have some ideas for the three-dimensional
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AutoCAD at Work: Interior Designer
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General Features
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Basic statistical and analytic functions are provided as extensions to Oracle database SQL, including extensions that follow the International Standards Organization (ISO) 1999 standards. Other extensions are also present that provide functionality beyond what the standards addressed. Oracle first started to extend SQL for analytics by adding basic CUBE and ROLLUP extensions to GROUP BY functions in Oracle8i. Such aggregation extensions are used to improve the performance of the data warehouse. Today, the SQL aggregation extensions also include GROUPING functions and the GROUP SETs expression, as well as pivoting operations. The database also provides a host of SQL analytics covering analysis, reporting, and other types of calculations and clauses. Examples of these extensions include ranking functions, windowing functions, reporting functions, LAG/LEAD functions, FIRST/LAST functions, linear regression functions, inverse percentiles, hypothetical rank and distribution, and a useful MODEL clause for multidimensional data. Table 7-1 briefly describes what each is used for.
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A randomized algorithm for minimum cut
Database Vault Fundamentals
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