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As you examine the initial Subject-Verb-Object-Condition results created from the preceding sensitive transactions query, you should be asking application experts if a single role or group of accounts is allowed to perform each type of transaction. In our example for creating product costs through the SH.SALES_TRANSACTIONS package, we defined a rule Is Sales Department Manager that is a perfect example of a separation of duty control. Once you ve identified the roles or accounts for each transaction, you can create factors to support these rules that enforce separation of duty on the transactions. In the examples of 6, we created factors such as User_Department_Name and Is_Department_Manager to serve this purpose.
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6: Neck Rejuvenation
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previous chapters you have seen event handling associated with different web controls and even with Web forms. However, these sections focus exclusively on the events and how to best use them.
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Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
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