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The 3.x BEx tools are usable on the new SAP NW BI 7.0 server. Therefore, you will
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All About Market Indicators is unique because while half of the book helps you learn how to use indicators, the other half takes you directly into the minds of professional traders and investors. Even more exciting, at the end of each section, I include a profile with an indicator creator. Charts of their indicators are included in 12. This book is organized into four parts. Part One, The Most Popular Market Indicators, introduces popular indicators that have stood the test of time. With this wide assortment of indicators, you should be able to examine almost any market environment. Part Two, How Traders Anticipate Market Direction, is another must-read. In this section you ll find out how professional traders use various methods to trade the stock market. More than likely, you ll learn something new. Part Three, Understanding Volume, introduces volume basics but also describes how high-frequency trading (HFT) is changing all the rules. Part Four, One Step Beyond, is the final wrap-up. As a special treat, you ll also learn what to do in case of a market emergency. In addition, after interviewing the experts, doing the research, and using the indicators, I ll briefly summarize what I
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Part 4: Text and Tables
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Fear I can t take it anymore. Hope Anything is possible. Disbelief This isn t real.
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third nerve and re ects the presence of an ipsilateral hemispheral mass. A loss of light reaction alone usually precedes enlargement of the pupil. As a transitional phenomenon, the pupil may become oval or pear-shaped or appear to be off center (corectopia) due to a differential loss of innervation of a portion of the pupillary sphincter. The light-unreactive pupil continues to enlarge to a size of 6 to 9 mm diameter and is soon joined by a slight outward deviation of the eye, as noted below. In unusual instances, for unknown reasons, the pupil contralateral to the mass may enlarge rst; this is the case in 10 percent of subdural hematomas but has been far less frequent in our experience with other mass lesions. As midbrain displacement continues, both pupils dilate and become unreactive to light probably as a result of compression of the oculomotor nuclei in the rostral midbrain (Ropper, 1990). The last step in the evolution of brainstem compression tends to be a slight reduction in pupillary size, to 5 to 7 mm. Normal pupillary size, shape, and light re exes indicate integrity of midbrain structures and a cause of coma other than a mass lesion. Pontine tegmental lesions cause extremely miotic pupils ( 1 mm in diameter) with barely perceptible reaction to strong light; this is characteristic of the early phase of pontine hemorrhage. The ipsilateral pupillary dilatation from pinching the side of the neck (the ciliospinal re ex, page 242) is also lost in brainstem lesions. A Horner syndrome (miosis, ptosis, and reduced facial sweating) may be observed ipsilateral to a lesion of the brainstem or hypothalamus or as a sign of dissection of the internal carotid artery. With coma due to drug intoxications and metabolic disorders, pupillary reactions are usually spared, but there are notable exceptions. Opiates cause pinpoint pupils with a constriction to light that is so slight that it can be seen only with a magnifying glass. Highdose barbiturates may act similarly, but the pupillary diameter tends to be 1 mm or more. Poisoning with atropine or with drugs that have atropinic qualities, especially the tricyclic antidepressants, is characterized by wide dilation and xity of pupils; these features are partially reversed by intravenous physostigmine. Hippus, or uctuating pupillary size, is said by some observers to be characteristic of the metabolic encephalopathies. Movements of Eyes and Eyelids and Corneal Responses These may be altered in a variety of ways. In light coma of metabolic origin, the eyes rove conjugately from side to side in random fashion, sometimes resting brie y in an eccentric position. These movements disappear as coma deepens, and the eyes then remain motionless in slightly exotropic positions. A lateral and slight downward deviation of one eye suggests the presence of a third nerve palsy, and a medial deviation, a sixth nerve palsy. There may be a persistent conjugate deviation of the eyes to one side away from the side of the paralysis with a large cerebral lesion (looking toward the lesion) and toward the side of the paralysis with a unilateral pontine lesion (looking away from the lesion). Wrong-way conjugate deviation may sometimes occur with thalamic and upper brainstem lesions (page 226). During a one-sided seizure, the eyes turn or jerk toward the convulsing side (opposite to the irritative focus). The eyes may be turned down and inward (looking at the nose) with hematomas or ischemic lesions of the thalamus and upper midbrain (a variant of Parinaud syndrome; see page 225). Retraction and convergence nystagmus and ocular bobbing, described on page 239, occur with lesions in the tegmentum of the midbrain and pons, respectively. Ocular dipping, in which the eyes move down slowly and return rapidly to the meridian, may be observed with coma due to anoxia and drug intoxications; horizontal eye movements are preserved (page
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CO2 concentration is regulated by the lungs. [HCO 3 ] is regulated by the kidneys.
Instance D: cpu_count = 3
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