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Interestingly, the format of the Excel document is listed in the Data Binding rows above the Export option versus the PDF option. We had to drilldown on another Command to get to the template with these settings. As shown, the Excel document will display a chart, an
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Table 4-9 lists and describes the parameters for the Radio Button Group Web item, arranged according to the various parameter groupings.
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The original Fraxel laser and subsequent models use an optical tracking system of mirrors that creates the fractionated beams and focuses them on the skin. This mechanism is able to provide constant output and adjustment corrections for changes in velocity. This means that the user delivers the pulses while constantly moving the handpiece across the skin surface. Other manufacturers use special lenses that fractionate the beam. Cynosure s Af rm and Af rm Multiplex lasers use such lenses to fractionate the beam into 1000 pixels in a 10-mm spot size. These are then delivered as single pulses. The addition of forced air cooling adds improved patient comfort and safety to these systems. Palomar has a 1540-nm laser (Lux1540 ) that uses a fractionating lens to evenly disperse the 10-mm laser beam and deliver energy penetrating to depths of over 1000 microns. Newer technologies include the aforementioned Af rm Multiplex and fractional CO2 and erbium lasers. The Af rm Multiplex represents a unique type of treatment in that it offers the combination of two wavelengths in one treatment session. Each treatment delivers sequential pulses of both 1440-nm and 1320-nm lasers. The 1440-nm wavelength is predominantly absorbed in the epidermis and upper dermis penetrating to depths of 400 to 500 microns, and the 1320-nm laser penetrates more deeply to provide bulk heating of deeper dermal elements (2 mm) for additional skin tightening (Figure 4.6). Fractionated CO2 (Active FX , Lumenis) and erbium lasers (Harmony Pixel ., Alma Lasers ; PROFractional, Sciton Inc.) offer a different type of fractional resurfacing
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Free nipple grafting has been performed for women with gigantomastia, severe hypertrophy, or systemic disease that could affect the vascularity of the skin aps. This technique was first described in 192245 and has been criticized for creating a attened breast as well as the obvious criticism of no nipple sensation, although later reports have established that a moderate number of patients have some sensation after 6 months or more. Another problem is depigmentation of the nipple graft in non-white patients. Tattooing has been performed as a salvage method with modest improvement. Some surgeons argue that patients with gigantomastia can be safely and effectively reduced using a pedicled technique and free nipple grafting need not be considered. The advantages of this technique include shorter operating time, reduced blood loss, and fewer wound-healing
Using Ajax Frameworks
Failure to attain 12-month milestones Persistence of automatisms
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