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The path that the Sun follows against the background of stars during the year is a slanted celestial circle called the ecliptic. Imagine Earth s orbit around the Sun; it is an ellipse (not quite a perfect circle, as we will later learn), and it lies in a flat geometric plane. This plane, called the plane of the ecliptic, is tilted by 23.5 degrees relative to the plane defined by Earth s equator. If the plane of the ecliptic were made visible somehow, it would look like a thin gray line through the heavens that passes through the celestial equator at the equinoxes, reaching a northerly peak at the June solstice and a southerly peak at the December solstice. If you ve ever been in a planetarium, you ve seen the ecliptic projected in that artificial sky, complete with RA numbers proceeding from right to left from the vernal equinox. Suppose that you convert the celestial latitude and longitude coordinate system to a Mercator projection, similar to those distorted maps of the world in which all the parallels and meridians show up as straight lines. The ecliptic would look like a sine wave on such a map, with a peak at +23.5 degrees (the summer solstice), a trough at 23.5 degrees (the winter solstice), and two nodes (one at each equinox). This is shown in Fig. 1-10. From this graph, you can see that the number of hours of daylight, and the course of the Sun across the sky, changes rapidly in March, April, September, and October and slowly in June, July, December, and January. Have you noticed this before and thought it was only your imagination
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Diagnosing and Troubleshooting
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Figure 34-30. MRI T2 signal changes in eclampsia. Most of the vascular changes and edema are situated in the cortical watershed distributions between the middle and an anterior cerebral arteries. These imaging ndings were transient, as was mild signal change in the occipital subcortical regions, the latter being typical of hypertensive encephalopathy, as in Fig. 34-29.
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Motherboards, Processors, and Memory
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A number of different symptoms are associated with mice, and they provide a common source of computer problems. Fortunately, most procedures to resolve a mouse problem are quite simple. Let s look at two common mouse-related problems.
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'-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' subroutine to set servos servo: For timer = 1 to 20 PulsOut servo_1,servo1 PulsOut servo_2,servo2 PulsOut servo_3,servo3 PulsOut servo_4,servo4 PulsOut servo_5,servo5 PulsOut servo_6,servo6 Pause 12 Next timer Return
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When you have determined what the problem is (its symptoms, not its cause), you need to get some basic history from the user. Ask if the problem occurred at random or in response to a user action. An error that occurs out of the blue is a different matter from an error that occurs every time the user tries to use the scanner, for example. Try to replicate the problem. That is, if the user says the printer won t work, ask the user to send another print job. Watch closely as the user performs the task. Take note of any error messages or unusual computer activity that the user might not have noticed. Your observation will also give you a chance to see the process from beginning to end. For example, if the user is trying to print an image, watching the task performed might allow you to see a problem such as an incorrect printer selection or the absence of an entry in the Number of Pages field. You should also note the way the user performs the task to determine if it is being performed properly. For example, a CD-ROM drive error could be the result of the user trying to copy a file onto a nonwritable CD.
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VIII. 3D Drawing and Modeling
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RFLP is a Southern blot used to detect genetic disease.
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The Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) in Windows Server 2003 has changed significantly since Windows NT. It now supports several functions: Remote access management and authorization Virtual private network (VPN) connections Wireless access management Routing within networks Connection sharing or Network Address Translation (NAT) While few organizations of any size use all of the features of the RRAS service, many use both the Remote Access Service (RAS) and VPN connections, especially if they use wireless networks. Several tools are available for managing these services. Once again, the Global MMC Console created in Procedure GS-17 will be useful for management through the graphical interface. For those who prefer to use the command line, the netsh command will provide most of the functionality they require.
User Profiles
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Table 15-2 Vertiginous syndromes with lesions of different parts of the vestibular system
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