FIGURE 3.2 in Software

Access Code 39 Extended in Software FIGURE 3.2

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equipment from various vendors that they integrate into their operations, the need for technical support increases. It becomes harder and harder to meet this need. Vendors have found a way to use technology to give technical support to personal computer hardware and software. More are offering electronic bulletin board systems (BBSes) to give online support. These systems provide answers to the most commonly asked technical questions as well as access to other users who provide information as well. Independent subscription services provide special-interest groups with information on specific products. These services are often monitored by the vendor s own technical support representatives. In-house activities of technical support representatives include assisting the sales force by running seminars, giving technical presentations, assisting in the preparation of proposals, producing sales leads, and evaluating customer applications. Experienced specialists provide training for new personnel. Those desiring work in this area should have extensive software experience.
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Combining eqns. (11.130-11.131) and linearizing the result yields the following equations for the actual platform frame angular rate measurement and measurement error: ip p p ip = = = p p g g ( SFg ) g ( bg + kg + g ) (11.132) ip ip ip p ip ip p SFg g g + ( bg + kg + g ) p ip (11.133)
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FORMAT Recall that disks must be formatted before data can be stored on them. The DOS format command uses the FORMAT.COM file and is executed by entering FORMAT, followed by the appropriate drive letter. The FORMAT command is discussed in more detail later in this chapter, in the section entitled Disk Management. FDISK Before a disk can be formatted, it must first be partitioned. The DOS tool for partitioning hard drives is the FDISK.EXE file. FDISK has been replaced in Windows by the disk administration tools located in the Control Panel. You should use these newer tools because they provide better interfaces, simplify the process, and have more safeguards, which are needed because a disk once partitioned loses all of its data. SETVER The SETVER command, supplied by the SETVER.EXE file, allows you to manually set the DOS version reported to a particular application. That is, older applications might not be able to recognize newer versions of DOS, but you can use
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<html> <head> <title> Using Image Maps </title> </head> <body> <center> <h1> Using Image Maps </h1>
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VIII. 3D Drawing and Modeling pdf417
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FIGURE 11-12
Android: A Programmer s Guide
Once you have it set up, try different roots and directories to view both the directories and the files within the directories. To get started, Figure 15-7 shows the root directory for an installed IIS server. (Because your computer may be different from the one used to develop these examples, what you see will likely be different.) In the IIS server root directory, you will see all of the ASP.NET 3.5 web sites developed with Visual Studio 2008 and then placed in the IIS server root to be viewed remotely. Included in the list is the ReadFile web site. In that directory is a text file with stored data. Figure 15-8 shows the path to the web site and the files in that directory. You can see the text file used to store information in Figure 15-8, pauperDataBase.txt. With other applications you create using Visual Studio 2008, the files and directory are fairly standard. Each has an App_Data directory and both an ASPX and an ASPX.CS file.
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