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in a few patients with azathioprine alone. Treatment begins with 50 mg (1 tablet) twice daily for a few days; if this is tolerated, the dosage is raised to 2 to 3 mg/kg per day (150 to 250 mg daily). The number of positive responses is much the same as with prednisone. However, improvement occurs much more slowly with azathioprine, and a signi cant response may not be evident for many months to a year (Witte et al). Liver function tests and blood cell count should be checked regularly. The Myasthenia Gravis Clinical Study Group found that the most severe forms of the disease, particularly those resistant to prednisone or azathioprine alone, bene t from the combination of the two medications. Many neurologists, including the present authors, begin by prescribing both medications early in the illness with the plan of reducing the corticosteroid dose in the third or fourth month. Mycophenolate (CellCept) is currently being used as an adjunct to corticosteroids and has been bene cial in several small trials. The clinical improvement suggested by these studies has generally occurred sooner than it does with azathioprine (Meriggioli and colleagues). Diarrhea was the main adverse effect. Our initial impression is that mycophenolate may be preferable to most of the adjunctive medications and, in some milder cases, may be effective alone. Cyclophosphamide, administered in intravenous pulses, has been used by De Feo and coworkers; they were able to remove 5 of their 12 patients from steroids but the appropriate use of this potent agent is not clear and we have resorted to it infrequently. Drachman and colleagues and others describe a regimen of highdose cyclophosphamide (50 mg/kg/d for 4 consecutive days) followed by granulocyte-stimulating factor to reboot the immune system in refractory cases. This approach has risks but may be justi ed if all other measures have failed in severe instances of the disease. Liver function and white blood cell count should be monitored regularly. The clinical effects of the immunosuppressive agent cyclosporine are much like those of azathioprine but become evident more rapidly, in a matter of a month or two (Tindall et al). It is given in two divided doses daily, to a total of about 6 mg/kg but not often used currently because of serious side effects (hypertension, nephrotoxicity) and its high cost. Because of the success of alternative regimens, we have had occasion over the years to use cyclosporine only once for myasthenia. Plasma Exchange and Intravenous Immune Globulin For severe myasthenia that is refractory to treatment with anticholinesterase drugs and prednisone, or during an acute worsening, one must resort to other measures. Striking temporary remissions (2 to 8 weeks) may be obtained by the use of plasma exchange. This form of treatment may be lifesaving during a myasthenic crisis, as noted later. It is also useful before and after thymectomy and at the start of immunosuppressive drug therapy. The number and volume of exchanges required in these circumstances is somewhat arbitrary, but they tend to be less than those required for GBS; several exchanges of 2 to 3.5 L each (totaling approximately 125 mL/kg), performed over a week, usually suf ce. The removed plasma is replaced with albumin and saline. It has been estimated that a 2-L exchange will remove 80 percent of circulating antibodies and that this will be re ected in reduced ACh antibody levels in 3 to 5 days. However, there is only an approximate correlation between a reduction in the titer of anti-AChR antibody and the degree of clinical improvement. In a crisis requiring plasma exchanges and mechanical ventilation, it has been our practice to discontinue or curtail the use of anticholinesterase drugs and resume them as the patient is being weaned from the ventilator. Also, it may be that sensitivity
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From the BEx Query Designer, choose Query | Execute, as shown next. This executes the query directly to the Web. Alternatively, you can click the Execute icon directly on the Query Designer toolbar.
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Live what you teach. And live what you coach. And sell what you teach and coach.
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about the particulars of a position is the job description produced by the personnel of ce, which is made available when an opening is advertised. Another source of insight is a district s organization chart. The grouping of areas and the arrangement of the lines of authority tell a lot about the power structure and the program emphasis of the central of ce. A chart may require some reading between the lines, but it does offer a perspective on how people function operationally. A prospective applicant for a central of ce position also should explore the conditions of work, or the work climate. Job descriptions and organization charts will not be of much help in this regard. Instead, the person will have to rely mainly on his or her powers of observation during a visit to the of ce for an interview. Rede nition and expansion of middle-management and supervisory positions occur frequently. For example, general administrators may be moved to management of state and federal programs, librarians may become library media specialists, math and science supervisors may extend their responsibility to include computer science, and guidance personnel may take charge of drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs. There are a variety of reasons for such shifts in role and responsibility. People may begin in one job and demonstrate a talent, an interest, or a competence that causes them to be drafted into or attracted to a new role. The administration may discover a new problem or area needing attention. Outside in uences may suggest or mandate new procedures or regulations. Central of ce professional personnel are in either line or staff positions. The distinction is important. Line positions are usually management jobs dealing with the elements of school systems that support and make possible the instructional program for example, compliance with school board, state, and federal regulations and mandates; personnel decisions; payroll; supplies; transportation; and food services. Staff positions are leadership roles in instruction that have a teaching avor; the duties are neither as precise nor as controlling as those of line personnel. The functions of personnel in staff positions are to consult and advise on personnel matters, curriculum, teaching, materials, media, and resources. In other words, staff people generally serve as guides and supporters, whereas line personnel have administrative authority and responsibility. Some staff personnel do, of course, have line responsibilities. For example, when departments become large, as happens when two or more school
and click OK. In the Validation Expression window, you will see the regular expression for checking for a properly formed email address.
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Write an M-file that wi vestment for each year function should includt rate i (as a decimal),an future worth is to be ca a table with headingsa gramforP:$100,00( 3.3 Economic formulr payments for loans. Su money P and agree to interest rate of i. The ment A is
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